Fake people can't live long run


It seemed to me, many buyers post their job at a standard price. After that messages to some sellers for getting ideas or showing work sample. Finally, they win someone at a low rate they predetermined. Even few of them never win. It’s very annoying to me. Also noticed some sellers post their services in the BR section. It’s not fair I think. I’m confused all about the matter. Why they do these? What’s the truth that happened frequently?


The only people who can see Buyer’s Requests are sellers. So when sellers post their gigs there the only responses they get are from other sellers trying to sell them their services. :laughing:


Sellers from other sellers :grinning:very funny to think. They are misguided,can’t keep patient and perhaps don’t know what doing. They’re just trying to find shortcut.


Yes, every time I see a seller offering their services in Buyer Requests, I laugh :laughing: because it must be very for confusing for them to have other sellers offering to sell them services.


absolutely right you are. It’s also confusing for sometimes to choose the real buyer whom I send BR.:smile: I always aware of this matter.