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Fake Pinterest Followers

Thanks to those who helped me understand what happened.

They probably had their gig and/or account removed, as the service you purchased is against Fiverr and Pinterest’s ToS.

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Buying followers etc for third party sites is not allowed so the gig was likely removed for that reason.
You might get some joy by contacting customer support at but I would not count on it as it is spelled out in the Terms of Service.

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Ohhhhh…did not know that. He should not have been allowed to post the gig in the first place. I am assuming I will not get my money back.

Too bad Fiverr allowed him to post the gig and stupid me for not knowing it was against their policy. Would have been nice if Fiverr notified me of the violation. Well, at least I know what happened. Thanks for responding.

Sorry- I’m not sure about a refund, but you should send a quick message to Customer Support.
I believe Fiverr does what they can at catching illegal gigs, but of course, sometimes things slip through the cracks.
Don’t beat yourself up over it. Just focus on quality, engaging content on Pinterest, and you’ll eventually gain followers. Best of luck!

Thanks again. Believe me I am working on it…my hands ache at the end of the day from typing so much!

I dont know what you expected from those kind of service? Most probably you spent 5 to 10 dollar to gain real follower. However, you never thought that no one can make anyone to follow or like anything. Your self also made a policy violation of pinterest by asking someone to provide you flower. Never buy follower, subscriber, views or like as all will be bot generated or fake profile activity.

You should cancel the gig so you can get your money back, if you review the gig you won’t.