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Fake Prices and SPAM profiles everywhere

Fiver Sellers consistently abuse the system to get noticed in search results - making this website full of garbage.


Abuse of tiered pricing:
Gig is advertised at $5, $10, and low amount prices to entice a click, in reality the $5 service is a free e-book and the desired service you searched for is really $75, $100 etc.


No double-checking of products:
Gig advertised at a low price mentions the seller can do whatever you like, and to please contact them for a quote for the real price.


This kind of garbage makes the website unusable and should be moderated.

Thank you,
A Buyer and Seller

Mod Note: Gig link removed.

That seller’s gig is actually well structured and clear with the packages - no abuse of pricing/packages at all.

Not sure what’s wrong with that one? I don’t use that strategy myself but for complex gigs it’s quite common.

Could you please remove the links from your post BTW? Thank you! :sunny: