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Fake Profile Pictures by Sellers

No sure this has been deeply discussed or not, I am relatively new to Fiverr:
There are a lot of sellers having fake profile pictures, not any fake, but mainly pictures of girls (models, actresses asf) to catch buyers attention (,,,**,, to name a few). It is already proven, that the same sellers are very successful (having closed many deals and high ratings). When searching for logo design services you can see quite of few of them being listed on top. I haven’t bought anything yet, but I am staying away from sellers who start their deal with fake impression.
Also, I wonder whether Fiverr is doing something against this, since this is so obvious.
P.S. If you using Google Chrome you can right click on the profile pic and “Search Google for Image” and see who those profile pics really belong to.

I think it doesn’t matter whether a seller has a fake profile or not. I think what matters most is that the seller will perfectly do the buyers task.

of-course, it does matter . If I use Hollywood superstar’s picture , is it fair?

One seller has a picture of Angelina J. on his profile.

I know I would rather see a picture of the real person I am working with. But not everyone feels the same way, apparently.

I myself use a drawing of my face since I have an illustration gig, and I believe it
best represents who I am.
Other people who offer similar gigs or logo gigs for example tends to use an illustration or their own logo, again that represents them pretty well I think.

Delivering a decent quality gig is of course the most important thing, but
presentation does matter. If 2 sellers had a writing gig for example, one avatar was a photo of Julia Roberts, and the other was a woman holding a pen / or a logo of a pen, I’m pretty sure I won’t hire Julia just because he/she seems a bit unprofessional.
IF for example a seller was doing an impersonation of a Hollywood actor and was using the photo of that particular actor, then it makes sense to me.

Well, as it’s blatantly obvious, I use my own picture on my Gigs and profile, albeit they were taken 2 years ago…have picked up 5 kgs since then…too much writing, zero exercise…

I disagree. Using a copyrighted picture (like a model) is illegal. Using a fake is a form of identity theft unless you have permission. If you don’t use your own photo there are legal and ethical options like @Zeus777 mentioned.

It’s OK, it’s still you! :smiley:

I also using my own picture . Its feels good to me.