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Fake reviews and handling 2 accounts by same person


is it alright to use 2 accounts by same person?one person is bothering me by using two account and giving me message to buy his service.he is also posting in fb group to give him fake review.he will $ it alright?i also have screenshot that he buying fake reviews.


Fake reviews, one person 2 accounts - all wrong. Report to CS and avoid like the plague!


I swear I turn in several of these folks every day. Report, report, report.


how can i report it?


fiver CS:


Attach screenshots to your Customer Support ticket!


Unfortunately these are common issues. I’ve reported some users before once they have not updated their information after repeated attempts at asking them to do so.

In your case, if they are harassing you you can flag their messages and contact support.


:thinking: 20$ per review. If I deliver 10 review I will earn 200$. In a day I can deliver about 50 or even more. So in the end of the day I have 1000$. That person shouldn’t be in fiverr he or she should be next to the sharks looking for better ways to invest the money


$20 for 2 reviews. you have to spent $10.and there is no guarantee he will pay you back.