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Fake reviews | Bad Deliveries

Hello Community,

im an buyer & seller here on Fiverr.
After so many bad experiences as a buyer, I am surprised at the positive reviews at many gigs.
There are photos in the portfolio that are completely misleading. Many very positive reviews which can only be fake in context.

After some research, I found that buying reviews is quite easy.
Is fiverr doing something about them? As a buyer, it is quite difficult to get bad deliveries again and again even though the seller has many positive reviews.

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you bought services from new sellers having some positive reviews?

I think I just had a pertinent similar experience. A seller didn’t deliver on time for a paid sample of an animation project where I as the buyer didn’t ask for any changes to what I initially asked for. The 3 day deadline turned into 5 days with a lot of back and forth messaging. In the messaging, on day 3 after the deadline, the seller said that they had been doing even more work than I had asked for on the project and were cutting and exporting the file in that moment. Several hours later, I asked where the project was and they said I would get it very soon. I asked again the following day and they promised I would get it within the day several times. On the fifth day, I gave them a two hour window to deliver before cancelling and they asked for a 5 hour window instead, still insisting that they were actually finished with the project. I didn’t understand why they needed 5 hours if the project was finished, but waited until half an hour after the 5 hour window. Then I cancelled the project.

The seller has a very high star rating (near 5 stars) and is a level one seller, which sounds like a good thing to me. After having this experience, I looked closer at the reviews. Most of the hundreds of positive reviews were duplicates from the same few accounts and the few negative reviews were people describing similar situations to mine who waited out the multiple delays to receive a project apparently with lower quality than described.

I feel that it is likely that the seller frequently has such dealings and somehow still has a great rating. I don’t see too many tangible negatives for the seller in this scenario other than losing one person’s business. I understand that leaving reviews in similar cases could be very bad for a seller that isn’t at fault as the buyer may or may not believe, but customers seem to have the short end of the stick as the system stands in the very specific situations like mine. (I am sure there are other situations where the seller has a much more difficult time.)

Although buyers receive a refund from a cancellation, they still invest some time and energy in their orders and cancellations of time sensitive projects can be very detrimental for goals of projects and such as well.

Would it not be possible to make cancellations and reasons from both seller and buyer perspectives as a separate review and rating system from rating and reviewing the services themselves? This seems to me to be a solution that would be a good middle ground for the benefit of buyer and seller to be able to explain their experiences to potential costumers.

Any cancellations affect sellers statistics, with that they can loose fiverr levels, fiverr might not show them in search anymore, if their order completion ratio (or any other ratio from stats) falls below 90%, they can’t send offers to buyer requests anymore etc.

Plus fiverr send you a hidden feedback form even if the order is cancelled for you to fill which also affects sellers visibility in search.

So it sounds pretty fair to me.
Though I am not defending those kind of sellers. It’s completely unprofessional.

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Thanks for the response. For clarity, how do the levels work? Is level 1 the best or worst that a seller can be? I don’t find this information easily, so it is hard to even know if whatever level a seller is shows that they are reputable or not to the buyer.

I didn’t notice any feedback form in my experience, and I did try to look for one. Maybe I missed it.

I am glad Fiverr has several systems in place to help both sellers and buyers, but things can always be optimized. I see a problem here, in my specific situation and I know that others have had very similar problems, so I was just trying to think of ways to optimize the system to help buyers in these kinds of situations without making things worse for sellers. Ergo the suggestion for a separate review system for cancellations where both buyers and sellers can share their perspective of the experience.

Also, I found a few Fiverr sellers with very obvious multiple duplicate positive reviews from just a few accounts. A critic and suggestion for Fiverr could therefore be to check for and delete duplicate reviews from the same accounts at least.