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Fake reviews, fake designers, fake logos: what to do?

I want to create the logo of my business which is not common as a pizza shop.
The logo has to match with a specific device so the logo has to be create.
When i found Fiverr i 've been very happy. I’ve spend time to review gigs, make selection etc…
Of course not a 5-10 dollars work ! i clearly don’t believe so i raised my budget to 50 dollars.

First order from “*********” (5 stars review !!), the guy where supposed to deliver in 3 days. I told him that i’m not in hurry at all but i have expectation on quality and to don’t go to far in the detail, to come as soon as started with draft. So he changed to a custom quotation at one week.
J-1 without any feedback but i contacted him and he replied “i just started today but you will receive on time” . Time arrived he send me fake picture and ask me for more time. No problem take your time but use this time on my project ! After 3 days came back with something but is not what i wanted so to avoid back and forth in addition of non proper English i stated to draw with paint and go in very detail of what i wanted. After 3 days i received a drawing of someone trying to imitate my drawing on paint with the same skill. So I’ve immediately decided to cancelled the order after more than 2 weeks. Managed to convince him to cancel by saying that i wont write any comment!

Second order (still on going, cancellation not yet approved) from “”*********"" (5 stars review!!) from UK (english and communication should be better?)
She has only one logo on her gig, so i has very confident this time. The person was responsive before i ordered so i clearly explained what i want, give a real picture of the device, ask her to use the same style as the logo on her profile but only blue and with shading to give more perspective. I felt very strange because the person is never online… I always received same copy past message from template.
Please refer to the attached i received. It’s just a JOKE ! so i’ve decided immediately to cancel again and in UK it was approx 4 AM. Once i did it, she immediately contacted me in a “perfect” english (lol), please refer to below conversation :

Me to “*********”
The logo received is equivalent to a drawing of an 8-year-old child and I am certain that it will never achieve my expectations. Moreover, it is impossible for me to be conceived that it is the same person who is able to realize the logo presented as an example on your profile versus the logo you designed for me. Therefore, I want to cancel my order to save us valuable time.

["*********"] Apr 6, 10:02 AM
It’s not like what you are saying…My logo is deer and your one is transmitter so the effect show in different way…Do you want full transmitter in that form or only top part? Just make me little more clear and let me give it last try please as I have worked on this and spent time so want to complete this work
So just allow me to work for last chance please

Me Apr 6, 11:24 AM
I’m also certain that you’re not from UK based on your English writing and the time you replied.
No sorry, please proceed to the cancellation.

I don’t know what to do anymore…

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I’m sorry that you experienced this on Fiverr. I’m not a logo/brand designer but I’m pretty sure that should be done at least in Adobe Illustrator. I suggest you report it to the customer support. They’re very helpful for both buyer and sellers. Good luck!

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Hello, do you want your logo to be like that photo of the device?

I think you need to realize what a logo is for.

It is not to show an actual drawing of what you are selling.

Does NIKE’s logo look like a shoe? No.

If you want a logo then get a logo not a drawing of what you sell.

So that is the first part of the problem here. If you need an illustration of the device then find an illustrator for that instead of a logo designer.


Well said, I like you :hugs:

I can see that the logo created by seller is definitely not good. I am not a logo designer and I can do a better job than that one. I did a reverse image search and that deer isn’t even seller’s design. Its stolen from internet.

There are very good designers on fiverr and there are also a few who are out there to just make quick buck, and have no skills at all. I’d suggest you to choose a good seller. Hire a level 2 or top rated seller. There are some really good sellers out there with thousands of good reviews.

And about the profile, I am not certain but I can agree with you, it looks fake. Reviews look fake, accounts which posted reviews on that profile have a common “theme” and have posted reviews on each other’s accounts.


Awww . . Thanks :relaxed:

Why show a photo of some sort of nameless industrial device and say you want a logo that looks like that?

It is best to say what it is you sell and have an idea of what you want your logo to look like. It needs to be a simple design. Maybe it needs to have the letter of your company, or some kind of abstract design rather than
hoping a designer finds inspiration in that picture.


Why are you hiring from people with no communication skills? I don’t get it. Get in touch with the seller before ordering. Talk to them. Reviews and portfolio don’t matter nearly as much as communication. This is on you, and your inability to properly vet sellers. This is the first problem.

The second problem is that your english is far from perfect itself. I don’t understand what you’re looking for after seeing that wall of text. The picture of your product linked at the bottom is irrelevant to make a logo, I have no idea what you are expecting anyone to deliver. This is not to excuse the sellers mind you - they clearly are not professional. But the client isn’t sounding very professional either.


This kind of thought is effectively expected from a logo designer and has to be shared to the client in a proper way that you obviously no master :slight_smile:
Thanks for your advice i will think about it
Hope your clients get better treatment :wink:

All I can say is good luck.


Sorry, I tried to be helpful. Keep sending logo designers a picture of whatever that is, much better.


Hi there, I think this is toxic for a new seller like me. I’m actually very professional and haven’t got no orders, you can check my profile if you want.

It’s something I’ve noticed too that a lot of people download images online and it just makes me sick. But hiring top rated sellers is not goin to help people like me grow :sleepy:


@misscrystal’s advice was really good. Even if you find a really talented and good designer, if you do not explain your requirements correctly, you might end up with an unsatisfactory product.


Sorry it came across like that. I didn’t mean one shouldn’t work with new sellers, I work with new sellers all the time. I suggested him to go with “level 2 or top rated sellers” because he had 2 unsatisfactory experiences in a row. Experienced buyers can easily differentiate between a good and a bad seller.


Haha Yeah, maybe if you are rich, you can copy others to do the same thing like fake reviews to convince the buyer if you are the best seller :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Maybe if I’m rich. But I’m not rich and that’s why I’m on Fiverr. :roll_eyes:


If you said like that there will be no new sellers again here on fiverr, it called “monopoly”.

This is 2020, better change your mindset of that tricky old salesman, I mean, Grow Up.

Wise thing is, let the buyer choosing which sellers they want to use.

Well people working to get rich right? Not being broke :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The answer is on yours, not mine or others.

What? What does it even mean or has to do with what I said?



Such a God.
Can you guarantee it?
For example;
If I’m a buyer and have $300.000.000 or more, bought from sellers like what you reccomended, will my company success forever? I spend $300.000.000 will I get $900.900.900.900? :heart_eyes:

Enough from me, gonna back to my store, have a good day, and peace :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay. I see. You didn’t get me. So, let me breakdown that for you.

“I suggested him to go with “level 2 or top rated sellers” because he had 2 unsatisfactory experiences in a row.”, OP worked with 2 new sellers, had bad experience. I, being an old seller and buyer, would have never worked with the sellers OP worked with.

Reason? Their reviews and profiles are suspicious. I can tell that at first glace but a new inexperienced buyer can not. So, I suggested OP to go for a “level 2 or top rated sellers” to avoid scammers with no real skills.

Now, is satisfaction guaranteed with “level 2 or top rated sellers”? No, it never is. But at least OP won’t have to lookout for scammers with fake reviews. He already had 2 bad experiences, I just wanted him to find a good seller who at least knew how to use a professional tool.