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Just a friendly tip to sellers! When you decide to post fake reviews to your gig, maybe you should not write, “Outstanding Experience!”. No real review starts with that. The second I see that in someone’s reviews, I click off their gig immediately. If its hurting your gig’s revenues, its also hurting Fiverr’s revenues. I am only saying what you are all thinking already.



Wow, I never know if that was auto-generated! This sure is clear some doubts I have in my mind…


Reply to @madmoo My thoughts exactly.


This is the second thread I’ve seen on the subject. Maybe Fiverr should make it clear that if you don’t leave a comment in your review you get “Outstanding experience!” or Good, satisfactory, etc.


Hilarious thread!

In all honesty, it IS annoying to constantly receive ratings with auto-generated reviews.

And when I was new here, I also misinterpreted these types of ‘feedback’ as fake too…

Maybe Fiverr should just post the ratings, without the generic reviews.


I have a 2 sales. and 1 Real Review is OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE… I think when someone rate your gig 5 Star, Fiverr automatically write that.

So this is not fake


I have many real reviews that say "Outstanding Experience"

I have some clients that really put cleaver thoughts into their review posts. It’s almost a game. Other’s quickly write reviews and simply say something quick!

I’ll take the great reviews any way they come!


Actually, all “real reviews” would say exactly that if the buyer didn’t write anything else. “Outstanding experience” is auto-generated and posted by Fiverr when a buyer rates a gig with 5 stars but doesn’t write their own text. So, if someone was buying fake reviews, they would probably want them to be more glowing than that. A fake review would probably say something better.

Anyone who has been on Fiverr long enough to see how real reviews are automatically created would not be thinking what you stated, so that part is also incorrect.


Interesting, i never knew it was auto-generated. I see this all the time.


Who knew, @masterscribe’s starter post may be helpful to lots of buyers who were worried those were fakes! I’m rather glad it is on the table with people saying they didn’t realize it. I didn’t either the first time I saw it. It’s kind of out-dated so maybe we’ll get lucky and Fiverr will change it up to something more clear.


Everyone, thank you for your comments. Thank you for clearing up that misunderstanding for me. I was just under the impression that a lot of sellers were reviewing themselves, and I misjudged several gigs based on my false assumption. That makes me wish that more buyers would leave detailed reviews on sellers so other buyers would have better information before purchasing a gig. I try to make it a point for myself to leave at least a one-liner of text.

On a side note, I got burned out on my old gig, and I want to find something I am willing to do again. I liked my customers too, but SEO articles can take their toll after a while on the writer.


In my own opinion “Outstanding Experience” is real and shouldn’t be regarded as fake based on shallow thought. In fact, those who do fake reviews are likely to write something catchy just to impress prospects. For your information “Outstanding Experience” is an automatic review, which prevents buyers from placing plank review on completed order.


Most of the buyer does not have time to write a nice review if they have order some multiple gigs. That time they just hit the stars and submit the reviews, and in some case few buyer doesn’t know what to write. that time the auto generated messages come in.

As my experience as a buyer, when I buy repeated gigs from the same seller, I gave them a nice review on the first order and then just ***** stars for the rest of gigs, as I don’t want to write same reviews again and again.


I read this written by some other new people already that these same feedback are fake or some thing like this. Fiverr should take it serious and should change this system to force the buyer to must write something by himself.
Or if he dont want to write any thing then it should be just count as a positive review and nothing should be written.


Reply to @theguestpost: Since it’s auto generated as you mentioned, I can see how new buyers might think it’s fake. Seeing so many of them could be viewed as using a bot or something like that, although I think the rare fake review isn’t actually done that way.

If you don’t have time but you want to help the sellers out just a bit when rating multiple gigs, just writing something slightly different and easy on the first one. Perhaps “Great job!” or “Fantastic work!” Then you can copy it super fast with CTRL-C and as you rate the new few jobs, hit CTRL-V just as fast. It would only take a minute total on several jobs but at least it would be unique for that session. Thanks for leaving the stars either way - excellent ratings are priceless to sellers with or without a comment.


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