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Fake Seller not cancelling order

So i ordered this gig below. As it “looks” legit with positive ratings and a level 1 badge.


After ordering, he delivered my work within an hour and said to wait 24hrs so the views will be visible.

So i did, but no changes happened in my view count. So i requested a mutual cancellation, but the seller refused and sent the same message saying wait 24hrs. So i waited another 24hrs, still same problem. So i requested cancellation again, yet again he refused and sent me the exact same message saying to wait 24hrs. This happened more than 6 times and is still going on! I requested a ticket from customer care but till now >48hrs no one has responded!

How do i force cancel and get my money back?!

Sheriff’s note: Please do not ‘call out’ sellers or buyers on the forum. The name of the gig has been removed since CS or the seller are the people who can address this.

well, if you haven’t clicked “Request Modification” then your order will be marked as COMPLETE automatically after 3 days of Delivery. After that you can’t get the funds back.

If your seller has refused you can contact Customer Support to look into the matter.

Yes i did apply for “Request Modification” as well and also mutual cancellation.

The seller always rejects the mutual cancellation and sends the same copy paste message again saying he has delivered.

And fiverr’s joke of a customer support staff haven’t still responded. I have opened a ticket 3 days back. And everyday i reply to the ticket but still no response.

Today is DAY #5 Since i opened a ticket. Still no response from the Fiverr staff.

Also the same routine going on between the seller and i…

It’s times like these you wish you never ordered from fiverr!

I think fiverr authority should found this type of seller who cheat with buyer.You complain fiverr authority with proof.Next time you should analyze seller profile and activity.Then you should order the gigs.

Its DAY #6 Now. Still no response.

Sellers profile look ok-ish as he has 3 postive reviews on the gig and overall rating on his profile is 5 stars. So nothing suspicious. I opened 3 more cases yesterday as well, yet not even a single ticket has been answered!

The funny thing is that my first post has been edited out by the admin cuz i included the link to the seller gig. So how come the admin in the forum is more active than the ones at Customer care??