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Fake Seller Pictures and Profiles

I am a buyer here and on a few recent quotes have noticed a lot of fake seller pictures and profiles - normally sexy girls saying their in the USA. After running the profile pics through a reverse google image search, it obvious the pics are fake and have been stolen and reading some reviews even state about USA sellers having language barriers and time zone differences to *************************
Something should really be done by Fiverr to prevent this - A regular IP check of location and a crack down on misleading people. I don’t mind if a sellers honest but as soon as I see a seller is fake I will not use them for a project, no matter how good their work may be or cheaper their prices may be.

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It certainly is misleading - all these young, pretty girls from the USA, who, of course, aren’t!

You can rest assured that I am neither young, nor pretty, and am definitely from the UK!

I think the problems started happening when somebody launched a WSO (can’t remember who or when), who said that to sell more on Fiverr you should portray yourself as young, female, pretty, and with an IP address from anywhere where English is the first language. The IP problem is difficult to solve because of the use of proxy servers, but you’re right, the time zone is a dead give away.

I don’t know what Fiverr could do to tackle the fake IP address ‘trick’.


The thing about these fake busty blondes in the USA (no offense to genuine US busty blondes) is that they are pretty easy to spot. As @offlinehelpers points out a King Meksell spread knowledge of his wise knowledge to his uh… serfs?

Anyway, as I journey through the seedy underbelly of meksells outside of Fiverr, I’ve come to realize that most meksells have no wit, no skill, and no talent, but an unhealthy amount of desparation to mek da sell.

This tragic combination is incredibly easy to spot. I think the real issue here is the deal hunting buyer, who can be too easily blinded to rather glaring issues simply by virtue of wow this is a really great deal!

The good news is that both sides of this debased coin will eventually give up and call it all a scam, leaving the more competent people to do business. The internet has essentially made it so there’s an incredibly low barrier to entry, however, so there’s an infinite supply of new meksells and clueless, blind buyers to replace them.

O tempora! O mores!

As for a Fiverr crackdown, I think Fiverr is doing random stuff like that feedback update, the hidden feedback update and possibly a bunch of other stuff. Ultimately though, due diligence and not being a dribbling idiot (this applies to everyone) is your best bet in the war against fake blondes from [CENSORED].

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Proxies and VPNs can be a problem, but perhaps Fiverr shoult be “Vetting” new profiles and running their profile pics through a google reverese image search. It does not take long to do, and if they are using a fake pic its most likely they are also using a VPN or Proxy.

Its also a shame when searching for gigs you can’t search by seller location. With my business it would be much more beneficial for me to use sellers in the UK who understand and use the queen’s English rather than from India and Pakistani where there is not only a language barrier but also a different cultural outlook affecting what I need. I am not racist, but I have had to cancel a few gigs due to the comms being so poor, one male seller even kept calling me Dear as in “Hello Dear”, which was amusing at first.

The seller location isn’t entirely useful when searching for sellers of a specific nationality, though. I am one of many British sellers living abroad (and I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of expats from other nations too).

Anyone who calls you dear should be ignored and/or sacked immediately and sent to an international business English re-education camp. It’s for their own benefit!


Hello there,
The reason why people opt to use fake pics and profile is because they are mostly neglected when they use their real profile. Almost all buyers want native speakers. They often fail to realise that there are talented people from outside their country that would perform a thorough research even better than a native speaker. I have been on fiverr for over a year but I haven’t gotten a single order. Now tell me, After reading through my post, is the reason for lack of order poor English or racism? I am a very talented writer from my country but no one wants to try me out.

I am just trying to be a trustworthy person, that is why I am still using my real profile but the treatment is actually discouraging. I am not supporting those that use fake profile but I am saying buyers should give out works based on expertise and not “country”


Oh, big deal. Lots of people tell me I look like a big old fat man. Do I listen to them?

No, I don’t, because they’re misogynistic words that this forum certainly won’t allow but just happen to be fine old English words and also closely related to one of the finest Danish Kings England ever had: Canute, who told the waves to stop waving (it did not work). I’d do the Danish spelling but that’s a bit dicey too.

Go to buyer’s requests and do that stuff. You can’t really expect to just throw a profile up and have crowds of enthused buyers ripping your shirt off (the busty blonde may help with that, but how discouraging! They don’t want you for your skills, they want you for someone else’s soon-to-be droopy parts!)

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I don’t think the OP was referring to your goodself - you’re using a genuine image and description etc.

It’s fake pictures and profiles which are an issue.

Please don’t turn this into a discussion about racism as I don’t think this was the OP’s intention.

By the way, your English is excellent - good luck for the future!

Thanks, I am just stating the reason why people use fake profile. I am not promoting racism.

Your gig description has one sentence and the “i” at the start of that sentence is not capitalized. For a writer that would put me off. There are other issues with your gig that a writer should never have. Check your competition, the ones making sales will have a lot more in their descriptions than you do, whether they have a fake profile picture or not.


Thanks for telling me to visit “buyers request”. I have been doing that for over a year. don’t let me derail your thread

Take care

…OK then. Happy to be your scapegoat :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, I will check it out

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Just as a tip, something which very few sellers are doing which would encourage me to use them is an online video of themselves explaining what they can offer.

So many sellers are not doing this. Of the 30 offers recently on a gig request only one seller had a video, which showed me she was a genuine person and cared. Unfortunately the reply I got did not match what I had asked for and was a bit steep in price as a result, so I have messaged her waiting for a reply.

Perhaps if you also did a short video of yourself and showing your work this would encourage more people to choose you. I am not racist but to give an example the UK school system is unique. I recently had a USA seller do a gig where they used USA terminology and phrases which are different to UK. E.g. Schoolhouse instead of just School and K12 education instead of primary school. For some gigs it would be beneficial to choose by persons nationality or location as if they are living in the UK I would expect they have some knowledge of the culture. Unless they live in Scunthorpe or Clitheroe.

Surprisingly even sellers offering vocal voice singing services are not even posting a video or audio of their voices. I can’t imagine anyone who would order a gig for a vocalist without hearing what their voice sounds like.


You are welcome:joy:

In all seriousness though, you really need to step up your a-game. Look at my profile v yours. I’m not saying that to brag, but your thumbnail is really bad: the writing is unreadable and as Eoin says, what is noticable is the uncapitalized stuff. You’re not selling yourself at all. Plus the grammar’s wrong.

As for the copyscape… that does not inspire confidence. You’re not making any sales because your profile is rubbish. What does a blonde girl hugging a PC monitor have to do with your writing skillz? Because let me be clear on that: if you’re hitting up BR, you need a decent profile and samples to go with. As a writer, not even your profile and gig description shows that off. Combined with your attitude on here… well, time to switch it up or enjoy another year of nothing.

That’s the truth. It doesn’t matter about the price so much as it does the proof that you’re worth something.

@starshipuk I wouldn’t fuss too much about those details if you’re getting a great deal pricewise and the rest of the article is good, it’s literaly a find and replace function. Besides, I believe British education has switched to a K12 kind of grading system anywhere (like first year of secondary became year 7 and so on). If your niche is education, it will be worth your time to prep the writer on such things. It’s nothing to do with racism or anything else, just a variant in systems and languages. Now, if you don’t prep an American writer on a difference that you know to exist, that’s kind of on you, I feel. It’s easy to forget as Brits that we know a lot more about US cultural differences than they do us (via Hollywood movies or whatever).

I think that if you’re doing a video/audio service then a sample is virtually a necessity, but not so much with illustrators, writers and other more, uh, static gigs.


@jolakgraphics I was going to stay out of it, but under skills you stat you are a “Pro” in Photoshop and your gig’s main image made my eyes bleed from a designer’s standpoint.

Anyway back on topic to avoid mods breaking through windows, SWAT style…

I think Fiverr decides not to do anything for proxy users, copycats, fake profiles pics and copyrighted stuff (my video category post is coming as promised) for whatever reason.

Every 15 days I take a day off to write a 3 page mail to CS about how many gigs have copied my description’s, bio and FAQ, word for word.

But like @emmaki said, they are so dumb they are actually pretty easy to spot and deal with.

Mod Note: Please read the forum rules. No mention of region is necessary to express your rant.

Erm. It is when I am talking about cultural differences being an issue for what I require and the site having no way of easily narrowing this down. I am not Trump ffs.

Another example is I wanted a promo video made with a British voice over. I felt an American or computerized (I hope the binaries here don’t get offended by me saying this!) voice over would be more damaging than good, so specifically tried to find video sellers which could also offer a real British voiceover, for the simple reason to meet the needs of what I required. No way to do that easily except going through all gigs, with a lot of English Speaking sellers being from India and other alien lands with the wrong accent.

Can you not just do a general search for ‘British voice over’ and then narrow it down from there?

I really don’t bother with hunting down vile copycats you know that dinky little “template” I have (see my profile, it’s the er… upper third overlay or whatever your terminology is for that kind of thing). Ripped off! Some cheeky sod borrowed it then had me write their gig description and completely ignored my polite (hey, review to worry about) request to take it down. Didn’t even do a good copy, like everyone else.

Sometimes people inbox me saying "hey Emmaki, @shitseller123copyman stole your gig description. I go to check then go and wade in with my big scary words. Turns out their English is devastatingly, wiltingly shit.

I only have to invoke the magical words CS and they drop it like a brick with something more akin to their level. But honestly, I don’t have time to police this stuff. If a seller wants bargain bucket emmaki, they’re gonna get shit work. End of.

@starshipuk at least one of the ambassadors can do a Brit accent, due to being a brit. I mean. The thing with coming to cheap sites is that a lot of the work of finding great talent falls on you–as in spending time finding it rather than snapping up Angelina Joli for $5.

And what offlinehelpers said, I suppose.