Fake sellers are headache


here are some sellers,that takes order in high price and place to other at low price,recently i faced this issue


That is called Business


@mustafaalibaigm its cheapness


Focus on your business. it will be awesome :wink:


It’s called reselling. If the re-seller buys your gig at the full amount in your gig packages, why should you care? He or she found clients that you couldn’t and then brought the business to you, if I were you I would be very happy.


but ,in this way,we cannot direct communicate with buyer and cannot fulfill the requirements,slow communication less tme, @phantompower


If you want to buy a tin of baked beans do you go directly to the baked bean manufacturer? No, you go to the shop which has bought the baked beans in bulk from the manufacturer.

As @mustafaalibaigm said, this is how business works.

If you don’t want to work with resellers, then charge extra for commercial use, or say in your gig description that you don’t want to deal with them. However, you will lose business.


ok ,thank you for your instructions


No one is forcing you to participate in this. Just walk away.



I’m gigglin’ over here :heart: it!


Dang it @offlinehelpers, did you really have to mention baked beans? I know in UK, Heinz is the shizzle, but here…OMG I meed a moment alone with the beans.


The re-seller is your buyer and the only person you have to communicate with.


If someone buy your gig, Why do you care about his selling price.


Its businesses and called as outsourcing the projects…


@newsmike if someone place me order without communication then it will decrease my rating,any way thank you