Fake Sellers


I got some fake sellers in these days. Some said “they will write article for 400 words within 4 days” but after 5 days, they said “Your Order is deliver” and ask me to press “Confirm”. But they didn’t give any attachment and anything. Some people also lies that they will give 100 downloads to my app, but it is also just a fake. After I ordered, they forced me to press Confirm and didn’t give any downloads. I click Cancel button but they recline again and again till I contact Fiverr to stop him. There are also reseller too. They purchase my items and resell it with promotions. I am seller as well as buyer.


yeah i had a problem with a fake gig just the other day, also had one a couple of months back, i sent Fiverr an email, but there happy with there commission from the fake gigs so i guess they wont bother to contact me, its a lesson i guess…


I agree there are several Fake sellers .You just have to be a little bit more careful who you do business with.


Ya its bad.,…But no 1 is fake…find good and 1st discuus …then do work with Sellers…