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Fake Services on Fiverr that BUYERS Need to Know About

When I joined more than 4 years ago, I could not of imagined that a seller would provide a fake service. But, unfortunately, these days you need to be careful what you buy and who you buy from. It’s important for a seller to have some form of history outside of fiverr as fiverr really is made for passive income and is not a full time job! If they don’t have any history that they can prove or a website then more than likely the only history is on fiverr. Be careful!

So, what are the fake services you need to know about? Here’s a list…

  • Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and other social websites – likes, views, tweets, add subscribers etc.

    What could happen to your social site using fake services: Suspended account

  • Fake traffic to your website.

    What could happen using fake service: Deindexing from search engines, blacklisted from search engines for months.

  • Seo Pyramids – You can do this yourself, it’s not difficult. These sellers provide backlinks that may not be good for your website. Social bookmarkings that disappear a month later and simply destroy your ranking and search engine placement. I’ve already tested. The seller I tested with was pissed at me when I asked for a refund and sent fake info to search engines which ruined our ranking of one of our websites. We had to start over again. Funny enough, fiverr has been told about such services, but since they make money from it they turn the other way. There are a number of people who have made thousands and are laughing at you all the way to the bank!

    The best idea about the above services is to avoid them on fiverr. I know there will be a lot of messages from people disputing what I stated, but I have tested these services already myself with different sellers. So, it’s not bull. Try avoid such service which will hopefully rid them from fiverr.

I had a client who wanted followers a year back or so. So I ordered them here on fiverr for him. Spent about 500 USD on them. A month later all followers dropped and my client’s twitter account was also blocked due to twitters terms of service.

People who offer followers mainly add bot accounts that look real. However, twitter knows better and catch 99% of these accounts, so it’s highly recommended not to buy such services. It just creates money for sellers but brings no benefits for buyers. At least not for long. That said, great warning :slight_smile:

I believe that fiverr limits such offerings already by giving such sellers less exposure. However, sellers are “smart” and offer other (more legal) deals to get attention for their side deals sadly.

2 days ago I ordered 500 visits a day. I thought they were real visits till I saw my bounce rate rising. I asked him to stop a yesterday and the visits keep coming. What can I do to stop it before it hurts my ranking?

I learnt the hard way.

They listed it as legitimate.

I learnt the hard way badly.

Since then I’ve told everyone to stay away from anything like this.

I THANK YOU for pointing this out!

There are already tons of these forum posts before yours, but people just won’t learn. That’s why Internet scams are growing each and every day.

I really admire how a scammer on Fiverr selling pyramid links can get 38k+ reviews WITHOUT a single negative review… You probably know who I’m talking about just doing a simple search in the SEO category.

Even though I agree that those services are scams and the guys who sell them are scammers, in a way, so are the people who buy them. It’s responsibility of those buyers to read and follow Twitter, Google, Facebook or whatever ToS, and they don’t.

whao… i’ve never experienced this but i’ve learnt nonetheless… thanks!

Thanks Adume For Sharing This Information … Things Have Change So far. everybody Using a shortcut Even they Dont Know Where They Are Going … :slight_smile:

I agree with you.
But not everything you say is true.

All wabmaster know that the social impulse is still valuable for seo.

You do not have to accuse another bad service to succeed

edume that was very sweet of u to let the cat out of the bag, very nice and we the honest people whom work hard for our money needs to reveal these crooks more often…yes…they plan their easy life on us because they have no class no values…so people who back them are just the same my friend…

Hey Tommy, man i hope u get this problem fix asap cause these pple will ruin ur life…good luck


I was already familiar with everything written, but I wanted to take a moment and just say what a great article.

Thank you for taking the time to explain everything. It would be great if Fiverr could send your article as a newsletter to help buyers with their decisions.

Anyway, this is a real gem for everyone, not just buyers.


p.s. use KLOUT to determine someone’s worth and you will see who is real provider or who is fake.

Read my other posting for more fake services that buyers need to know about

You do not have to say sarcasm.

Not all bad seo services, it’s just, you do not understand seo.

Seo is put a link from a blog, to link the target.
The idea as such.

If the service is bad, the service may not fit your needs.

An update that buyers should review before purchasing. Many fake services including pyramid links. If it’s too good to be true, you know that it may be fake and definitely hurt your services.

Reply to @tommystern: Ask the seller to stop his software which is probably running 24 hours a days. Otherwise your account will be suspended or terminated. These type of sellers don’t care much and don’t realize the damage they do to people’s websites.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: Hey you are welcome! It’s unfortunate fiverr couldn’t care less about the problems that these fake services cause. Take care.

Reply to @edume: I asked nicely twice. He said he would reduce the bounce rate that didn’t seem to happen nicely.

I’m concerned if I threaten him he will be further punitive to get even.

What are fiverrs responsibilities because when google sees it it will cost me money?

What other recommendations do you have?

Reply to @willpower_hk: Yes, I also wrote about this several years ago! I know exactly who you are talking about and this is the guy who screwed our website. He’s not a good person is you ask for a refund or make a bad comments. In the mean time that 38k reviews translates into $38,000 in revenue for fiver which they could never terminate or stop this guy even if it is fake. The guy laughing at all the suckers who bought his service.