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Fake storyboard artists, fake painters, fake everywhere ..wth?

Why is there so many fake artists here, My art has been stolen, I see orthers who took the first google sample of a professional and put it in their gig,I mean come on!!! does anyone here check the portfolios before allowing the gigs???
this is not serious!!

any buyers who see that will run from the platform … fast


I thought the same thing when I took a look at my competitors. I reported them, but there is so many. The worst is that some of them have good reviews.


Sad story… we have to hope for clients who are actually dealing with cheater who will not be able to deliver and to add the insult they get good reviews?


So in order to get clients, we should first police the suspicious artists?

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do you guys have an email address to contact a human being by any chance

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why do you want my e-mail? if you have something to say, here is the place :slight_smile:

I have an nda in place with someone who has deliberately set out to deceive and mislead me with false details I am short of reporting as a federal crime but need an email or contact details for fiverr as evreytime I try and log into my account I now get account not responding

It’s a sad thing to see someone steal another artist’s work, it’s not cool, that’s their livelihood and a part of their being in alot of ways. It happens more often than people may think, on Fiverr and in other places. Maybe even the worst part is, it’s not even malicious intent half the time, it’s nothing more than laziness on the part of the offender :roll_eyes:.

Fiverr is a huge and ever growing platform, and wherever there is the opportunity to make money, there’s always going to be shady people trying to cheat someone else. While we’re operating as buyers, it’s a good thing to ALWAYS vet whom we plan to buy from, and report someone that we know for sure is violating TOS, so that legitimate buyers and clients will feel comfortable doing business here.

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Last night I messaged that fake storyboard artist and ask him about his fake gig and he replied to me: Yeah my portfolio is great isn’t it? …OMG! they think they can do this no problem! he said he’s going to report me for !!! one thing I noticed most of them comes from foreign countries (edit), so I don’t know how many employee are working here at Fiverr but to me they need more a lot more.

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I know how tempting it is, but naming countries is not allowed according to Forum rules. So please use the :pencil2: to edit your post.


I have the Fiverr Watermark feature turned on for my gigs, so that content on the ordering page and in live portfolio will be marked until the client accepts and completes the order. That’s a good way to keep shady clients from stealing work until they’ve paid for it, but “the watermark will only appear on images from completed orders in your Gig Portfolio. It will not appear on images you upload to your Portfolio.”

Still, it is one extra step that we can take to protect the integrity of our products and brands. Here’s the Fiverr support link in case someone wants to know how to turn the feature on:



Before I started selling on fiverr I spend my day entertaining my self by reporting fake logo designers. I mean seriously it is not statistically possible that one country that covers a whole continent has 7000 designers and one country that is size of one middle sized city from the first country mentioned has 80000 designers.

But when I started selling I realize a) it takes too much of my time b) there are just too many of them, on every search page 50%. And for CS you have to send links and evidence…

And it is not just new sellers, you have TRS and PRO with stolen portfolio.

These days I only report if they come on the forum and ask for help.

People who are willing to pay 5$ for 5 logos and people who want to sell 5 logos for 5$ deserve one another.


I have found that anything that even slightly inconveniences people will deter them, so even adding your own copyright symbols and watermarks before posting an image to your profile can help, because the added step of having to remove them is added work for the person who may want to use them without permission.

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You should remove the countries from your post, too.


I reported one a few weeks ago, I just found out he still have an account and still selling gigs, Does Fiverr even talk to them or do they even bother?

How did you report?

Did you just express it or did you send links with evidence the images are not his?

In my case I provide links for every picture they have, every text they copied, I even extract logos they try to coverup by placing them on top of background image so it confuses google search.

And usually they are gone in two days time.

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He stole my stuff, but I never had a feedback from Fiverr, do they contact you when you report someone?

No. they do not message you about the end result of their investigation. Did you provide links to your photos that he stolen? So not just:

This guy stole my artwork.

But this guy stole my artwork
link 3

or lets make this easy. Did he used photos that are currently in your GIG portfolio?

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I think so but I am not 100% sure but next time I will make sure