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Fake Views + Subs - FRUSTRATION

So I have been working on Fiver for 6months, and in which time I have already hit all the requirements to become a top level seller.

And yet, I feel like I get no support. I offer helpful, legit SEO advise for YouTube channels, to grow their channels naturally. Of course every day I get people asking for “Fake views n subs” like a lot of scammers provide. Other than mentioning within my description and video, what else can I do.

Had 2 orders this week, buyers cancelled because they want fake stuff that breaks their channel, and so for no fault of my own, I get cancellations and my gig goes from the 1st page to the 3rd.

Is it fair to be punished for not providing fake stuff? How on EARTH is it the sellers fault if the buyer cancels the gig? What can I do to protect myself here? Anything?



Of course not.

In this case, it isn’t.

Unfortunately, Fiverr seems to let people cancel for any number of reasons - bad hair day, woke up on the wrong side of the bed, buyer’s remorse, changed their mind or whatever other reason.

I would ask what are you charging for your service? Are you getting these buyers through Buyer’s Requests? Even if you are charging a decent amount to ward off the scammer types - it sounds as though all the buyers are reading is: I will make your You Tube channel explode with viewers and subscriptions! Obviously, you are probably not making that claim in your Gigs, but to some who want to cut their way into the front of the line on You Tube or anywhere else, they do not care if you do this the legit way or cut corners and cheat. Since you already mention in your description and video that you do all of this legit and organically, I don’t think these scammers or line cutters who order will be something you can avoid - they are going to order regardless because all they see is someone offering to boost their You Tube audience. I am not sure how you can protect yourself because you say you have in your Gig that you are not cutting corners. Only thing I could think of is if your price is too low?

I wonder though, if you put in Order Requirements and a box they have to check that fully explains that they understand that you are not going to violate You Tube’s TOS or use methods to promote their channel that would be considered Black Hat and could get their channel in trouble?

As you may be aware, even if you reach the requirements for TRS, those are chosen manually by the Fiverr staff, so, it is not automatically given. I would think too, having to wrestle with these annoying cancellations would harm your chances of attaining TRS - as that is part of the statistics - Order Completion.



I repeat what GG has suggested about looking at your order requirements that buyers have to fill out or check before moving on. Being as clear as you possibly can about what you do and don’t do and what is against the terms of service. It’s likely some people will be put off if they know there are rules being broken.

The platform can be extremely unforgiving. I had a very slow month after a recent cancellation, only my 2nd out of 430 orders that CS wouldn’t help with. (I had 3 others overall but they were buyers who were banned for some reason or buyers placing inaccurate orders to try and scam a cheaper job out of me). It only takes one “wrong move” to fall out of the algorithms good books.

TRS isn’t guaranteed either even when all the requirements are met , it can take some time before you’re selected.


“Fake views and subs” isn’t aligned with Fiverr’s terms, or?

I’ve recently had someone order “fake stuff” directly without consulting with me first.

I asked support to cancel for me on grounds of the fake stuff obviously both being against the law (at least in my country, and probably in the buyer’s too) and Fiverr’s (and 99.99% against the third party’s they’d have used the delivery for, my estimate without having read those terms, based on experience) terms and out of the scope of my gig (obviously, I don’t offer any “fake stuff” in my Gig).

They agreed with me and cancelled, my completion rate didn’t drop, and this wasn’t the first such case.

Of course, I wouldn’t waste their time if it was something on my side and just cancel myself, but as long as the “DIY cancellation system” doesn’t catch things like “buyer ordered something that’s against ToS/my country’s law/…”, and funnels that in a way it doesn’t harm the seller, I feel it’s just fine to make use of support, plus, if I’d just cancel, the buyer could go to the next seller, and Fiverr wouldn’t be aware of those buyers ordering things that are against their terms/ethics. Like this, they are aware and can react as they see fit.

I’m not sure why so many people simply cancel orders that are against ToS themselves and take the hit, as long as they don’t invite orders that are against ToS in their Gigs.
It’s worth a try to cancel through support in those cases, it’s not a seller’s fault if people order things that clearly are against Fiverr’s ToS or ethical guidelines, a third party’s ToS (wherever they’d want those fake views and subs), or even against the law (which automatically makes it be against Fiverr’s ToS, too, if I’m not mistaken) if they don’t offer anything like that in their Gig.


Fake Fake Monafek everywhere… :unamused:

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of course not contact the CS they will support you as you are top rated support will give you high priority

Its a great reply, but I am not getting them even 1 subscriber, im helping them fix their content and the best practices of their channels. Its okay I think my description is clear enough, mentions it in the video, the F&Q, and the description, so not sure what else I can do.

Isnt the Order Requirements in a box after they checkout tho? Like they order… and only then you have to add in the requirements… im sure if they dont do that, then cancel from that part its still the same? Great idea, just not sure if that would work.

If I reach the requirements they have to manually check, as long as hit all the requirements, ill find out in 4 days, manual process it seems as its always at different times.

Appreicate the help.

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Super annoying yea. Some of them even under the guise of super expensive google ads, then its the same thing, chrome up refreshing, I log into their channels and yeah, all from 1 place in the world, short watchtime and just breaks the buyers channels basically.

Yeah good idea bud, thank you.


I think, making money is aligned with their terms and as long as idiots keep buying it, and yea, they do get more views on a video, but id rather 5 human beings watch my videos than 100 “views” coming from 1 persons chrome app just hitting refresh. Yeah I had 1 person who ordered but didnt speak my language and the CS team were great to resolve that.

Its just the cancellation side, legit reason or not, massively harms us sellers - most of the time through no fault of our own, which is my frustration. 400 orders, all been fine, 1 person orders my 120 dollar gig, cancels because I dont provide the fake subs, and then my gig now is listed on page 3… Screwed up a 10k a month business and I have no response or argument apparently. Thus the frustration.

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But thats after the order isnt it?

Its not a slow month, the cancellation knocks your ranking of your gig down, it becomes your fault, and effects your business - even if nothing to do with you. lol. The wonderful world of Buyer comes first business values.

Ill be selected - but lets see. Cheers for the reply mate

I absolutely get that. I can only repeat myself, if people order stuff that’s against ToS, don’t cancel yourself, let support cancel, then there’s a good chance that your order completion rate won’t get harmed. I’d rather try that than get frustrated, but do what you think best, if course.

The problem here is mentioning subscribers in the titles and descriptions. People do not read the titles or descriptions properly and most will not read the faq or the text saying contact me first. All they see is “increase subscribers” and that’s it, they have seen what they need & they are going to order. I would personally reword it so there is no mention of views or subscribers at all or you are going to hordes of people looking for 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers ordering your gigs. I personally think the context of this “Improve your Channel with REAL subscribers.” in the description is causing you problems. That is going to be construed by a lot of people as providing subscribers.

Absolutely. Unfortunately “I will legitimately analyze and review your channel” isn’t gonna rank haha. All about the keywords.

Still 1500 daily impressions to 300 because of 1 cancelled order after 150 previous orders - all 5 star, in fact my feedback is insane people love to go little overboard sometimes.

Its all good, the 400 previous clients over all my gigs, 10k a month and 1 idiot kills it, regardless of what he was or wasn’t looking for… Not sure how we get punished for other peoples inability to read.

Ah well. Appreciate the chat, thank you.

Yea. Didnt work but thanks for the help mate.

You’ll get cancellations and bad buyers from time to time. The best way to deal with them before they happen is clear information in a language that’s easy to understand. Basically:

“NO SUBSCRIBERS OFFERED!” at the top might do the trick. Think about the following:

Your buyers are most likely not very good at Youtube to begin with. They might not be very technical or have a good understanding of what you’re offering. That type of buyer might not even read more than a few words before they order.

So try to make it easy for them to see right from the start.

Other than that, bad buyers happen from time to time. It’s rarly fair and always frustrating. Overall you seem to have a good account, with high-quality gigs. You’re a level two, which I was for years before I became a TRS.

So keep delivering high-quality and great support to your buyers. A cancellation can cause a dip in orders for a while, but they are unavoidable and even the most successful sellers on Fiverr get them every now and then.

Sorry for the delay mate, yeah fully understood.
Just frustrating, I completed 150 gigs, all 5 stars, was ranked #3 on “youtube” and then 1 idiot ordered 120dollar gig, cancelled it, and now the gig is dead on page 3 somewhere. Not sure the benefit of punishing sellers for idiots cancelling their minds.

And yeah, never gonna say “no subscribers offered” but I get the point, the 400 previous customers worked it out, fully makes sense tho, on a world wide platform always gonna be one or two stupid buyers, and many stupid sellers equally.

Highly appreicate your time and effort in the reply bud, thank you kindly.

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Made Top level seller today, all good. As long as hit the requirements I think its pretty decent. Just annoying when people cancel and we get punished I suppose.

Made it today :slight_smile: As long as you hit the requirements I think is fine yeah.