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Fake VO artist?

Hey! I ordered VO gig for the trailer. The delivery I got makes me doubt if it’s real artist or AI. Now I have to react in a few days. Pls share the tip what to ask the seller so that I can know for sure if it’s fake or not. Thank you! Best, Magho


So you are asking what to ask the seller to find out if the voice track was recorded by a human?

There is no AI anywhere in the world right now producing any text to speech remotely passable as a human.

So it’s either a really bad recording or it’s a text to speech.

Why are you thinking this is AI?

Can you link to the delivered file?

I work with VOs all day long, I can help you figure out what’s wrong or what sounds off so you can provide meaningful feedback.


Not true.

However, I highly doubt that a Fiverr VO artist has access to an advanced neural network. At least, not yet.

It is glaringly obvious when a computer-generated VO is used. If you need to ask here, your seller has likely not delivered an AI VO. Instead, you have likely ordered from a budget seller who is not capable of delivering pristine sound quality.

In either case, you need to discuss this with your seller.


Hey Frank! Yes, I doubt if it’s text to speech. I deeply appreciate your help! Maybe I worry too much. Actually it’s for my life long project. Extremely important for me.

He provided me three versions. Below are the links to each version.

Thank you VERY much! Best, Magho

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That’s a human VO, no doubt about it.


Got it! Thank you SO much! I’d also appreciate a LOT your say on the quality.

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To me it’s fine but @frank_d is the expert.


It’s perfectly fine.

You are the creator here I assume, so it’s up to you if you like it or not.

It’s 100% a human.

You may have gotten confused because when you listen to a “dry” track ready for production vs the master it sounds a tad unnatural when all the breath imperfections plus ambience sound has been removed.

Well yes that’s definitely something no one would be able to offer here on Fiverr.


I think it is only a matter of time. It will likely be the next biggest thing in celebrity VO impersonations and chatbots. A lot of neural network code is opensource and it’s easy to download or record any voice sample from YT…


Thank you so much! It’s the master. I got it now. This is my first documentary. I’m actually a novice in the business. Thank you again everybody for your kind regards and help! Best, Magho

I think it sounds a little odd, too slow and has pauses throughout each sentence but it’s human. For me, it didn’t flow naturally. I had a hard time following the meaning of it due to the oddness. I would get someone else to do it who sounds more natural. It also has a deep base tone that seemed too booming. I can understand why you were confused by it.

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Here is what I have at the end of the day. This is the final trailer of my documentary. I’d be happy to learn your impression overall and on the sound.

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I’m a VO artist and I personally think this is great! Good luck!