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Fake Voice Over artist?

Lately I bought the Voice Over for my animation video.

My first experience was a female that sounds like machine generated. Even there’s critical errors, she didn’t make any proofreading to the script before recording!

My second experience was a voice Over artist from *****8. Her response was short and doesn’t like a professional would talk like that.

I doubt if the these two VO artist are actually fake people but uses a professional female voiceover artists? She has history of delivering the orders late, didn’t mention she can’t deliver the order on time at all, and how she reply me wasn’t sound like a native English speaker…

Until I open a dispute, she replied that she’s not home and the order is already late! She didn’t even mention about everything to me previously!

What do you guys think? Do you have similar experiences?

Mod Note: Country reference removed.

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Was that offered as part of the voice over gig? I know many vo artists quite rightly charge extra for checking scripts over and making corrections before they start.


I didn’t pay the proofrading part but there are MANY grammatical errors after I have my American friend proofread. I didn’t know at the first place but she at least can tell me that there are many grammatical errors in the script so I’ll consider buying the proofreading.

The point is, I do feel there are some amount of female voiceovers are fake because they sound really like computer generated. I don’t know… Like one vo can have a professional profile picture but when she talks to me in messages, it sounds just weird. Unprofessional!

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I don’t think it’s up to a vo artist to correct errors or tell the buyer there are errors in their script. The buyer should be giving the vo artist a final script file unless they buy a gig extra to have the errors corrected. Perhaps it would be worth getting your friend to check the scripts before you give them to the vo artist?

Not sure about the link between how a profile picture looks and how a seller communicates though.


I’ve hired quite a few VOs and never had a problem. You might need to review your selection process.
If you see that the seller has trouble delivering, why are you hiring them?


Other than that, and as stated by @uxreview , you should review your selection process.

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If a VO artist gig doesn’t include a (complimentary) proofreading. It’s your job to provide a “proofread” read script. Proofreading takes :watch: time. Why should any VO artist sit there and not get PAID for proofreading a script? On the other hand, if the VO doesn’t mind proofreading the script then that’s a different story. But don’t expect VO artists to work harder and not get compensated for the extra work.

Nope, my experience with working with VO artists has been nothing short of fabulous. :tada:

Labeling these artists as fake or calling out a country is unnecessary. Sure, the communication could’ve been better but we’re only hearing your side of the story. Like the old adage goes: "there are always three sides to every story."


There is no comparison between a real voiceover and a machine generated one. If you got a robot voice send the file to customer support and let them decide.


It’s already been said, but I agree with @nikavoice

I’m assuming here (dangerous, I know) that you are searching for $5 gigs, and that your review of the sellers page could use some work. I can’t speak for their delivery process, but if you saw that they deliver late… not sure why you ordered from them.

As for “The VO seller should have told me there were errors”. Absolutely 100% false, and this is the normal sense of entitlement that we see from a good amount of $5 buyers. You submit a FINAL script. It will be read EXACTLY as you said, because it’s final.

I dunno about this… bad VO seller… bad translator service… maybe going for “super cheap give me good deal this one time a favor is much appreciated dear” is not the best approach for you.


In fact if we don’t read it exactly as provided, then we face having to do a revision for deviating from the script. I do sometimes, after receiving a really poorly written script, contact the user and say, “You may want to have a proofreader look at the script as it has a lot of grammatical errors.”

They generally do so at that point. Having warned them, I have covered myself from revisions and also offered them a quick bit of advice that will improve their product.

I technically do offer proofreading, but I never sell it, as I don’t really like doing it. I may drop it along with video sync, which is time consuming and rarely worth the time.


I disagree with you on the second paragraph 100% false! If the buyer isn’t a native English speaker, how would this buyer knows there are errors? Does it hurt at all just to WRITE or MENTION there are errors in the script?

How is this seller’s problem? Hire a proofreader


It’s really not their job.

You do videos but you charge extra for a voice over I presume. Why should a voice over artist do extra work for nothing?

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Yes it does hurt, actually. It can hurt in time and money. I am paid to read exactly what you write in your script. That’s how scripts work. Also, try changing a script on a voice over buyer and see what happens. Revision, revision, revision… Bottom line, you are getting mad at a voice over actor for not proofreading the script for you in a project.

That’s like getting mad at the clarinet player in the band because he didn’t tell the conductor the trumpet was out of tune.


This is sad, as a Voice Over artist myself I believe in delivering the best professional result to my client. Ill sometimes go above and beyond to get it right because I’m a professional and it makes me sad to hear that there are some who choose to abuse this art. :frowning:

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This is verbatim from your gig: "I won’t take it or discuss to give a cheaper price. I’ve got too many messages wanting me to work for slave money! "

So it’s ok to ask for free work when you’re a buyer… but not when you sell your OWN product. Got it…



Besides, what’s up with the all CAPS. Don’t shout at us for your mess up. We didn’t cause this clusterF.

We shouldn’t! Pay for the service or go away simple concept. Or like UX suggested hire a proofreader.

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I understand your point. I do not do free proofreading, but if I get a script that is terrible, I always take time to write a quick note letting them know that they need to hire someone to fix it up. Partly because I don’t want to have my voice on something that sounds like crap, and also because, if I get them to improve the script (which also generates another sale for a proofreader) then I have done a very small service that gets them a better result.

It’s like when you go to a nice steakhouse and order the filet, and the waiter says, trust me, go with the rib eye. THANK YOU.

Now, that said, if I send that notice that he script is bad and they either don’t respond, or say go ahead anyway (which has never happened) I will record your crappy script with a clear conscience. But if I can send you a 2 sentence message that gets you a better product, all the time charging a premium price, it just seems the least I can do.

Everyone I have ever made this suggestion to has taken the advice and gotten the script fixed up.

Good for everyone.

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I stressed the words! Did I shout? Who shout at you?

This isn’t the first time I’ve said something like this, but I seriously think you need to
either tone down your language, or take several deep breaths and wait for a day or two before posting something you are upset about.

Seriously??? This how you react to people who are giving you good advice?