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Fake voiceover gigs

I’ve been checking out the new gigs, and recently I’ve seen two that are completely fake. Both use a synthesized voice, but the quality is surprisingly not horrible (it may be better than some of the lower quality gigs of real voice actors). Amusingly, fragglerocks has one that says “exculsively”, which the synthesized voice pronounces exactly as (mis-)spelled.

The gig text looks like it’s plagiarized from successful gigs, but with a few things changed.

I’m curious if people have run into this, what people think. It’s possible that as synthesized voice technology improves, these automated voices will start becoming practical for more and more things (I mean, we have had them for train announcements for a long time). But these particular gigs feel like scams to me, because they’re pretending to be something they’re not.

Don’t hate, congratulate. If the buyer’s are satisfied, I don’t see what the problem is.