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Fake/wrong information from buyer

Actually 7 days ago a client placed an order directly without any discussion and he left unclear information and fake/wrong login details about his WordPress website. I asked him to send correct information and he replied after 2 days and he left wrong password again.After that at the end of deadline I delivered a random file an put a dispute to extend delivery time of 3 days (Incomplete information).After 2 days and 22 hours he extend the delivery time and again left wrong login details.
As the left delivery time was 2 hours I again delivered a random file and requested him to extend 1 day more he accepted it and asked me to cancel the order, I replied to him that this is too bad for my profile please leave correct details I’ll finish your job.he again left wrong information.
After that I again delivered the order and then he asked for revision,Now I have delivered a random file again and requested to extend delivery time.

Now please help me, what should I do?

You should NEVER deliver an empty or random file. It is dishonest, against Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and will most likely get you a warning or a complete ban from Fiverr.

You should either cancel the order or keep requesting order extensions.

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Get Customer service to cancel this order. Send them all the information. It will not hurt your rating.


I was new on Fiverr that’s why, Now if I mutually cancel the order my completion rate will go down from 100% to 92% and this is a huge loss for me.

Contact Customer Service like @teachernita said. It is solid advice.

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But if I mutually cancel the order my completion rate will go down from 100% to 92% and this is a huge loss for me.

Won’t they see my fake delivery?

Yes, correct. That could be an issue. It is up to you if you want to risk it. Personally, I wouldn’t. So then there is only the option to cancel or to keep requesting extensions on the order.

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I have had to cancel 3 orders and they did pull down my completion rate. One order was canceled by customer service. Another was cancel by myself and another was mutual. This did pull down my completion rate, but if its a once off it cannot do too much damage.

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So what should a seller do if a buyer placed order without any discussion and buyer leave fake/wrong information, even I have written a highlighted line on gig description “Please contact me before placing an order”

Mutual cancellation isn’t in seller’s favour too. So fiverr isn’t safe for us.

It is unfortunate, but in that case, you can only contact CS and hope that they will take your side.

As you made an empty delivery, it would be very risky to contact CS.

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I have completed 13 orders and if I cancel this completion rate will go to 92%, May be it disqualify me to go on level 1 for now if I need to cancel another order.

I have delivered a snapshot of buyer’s site every time and wrote “Here is your delivery” every time.

You need to keep a 90% completion rate for 60 days to get to a level 1 seller position. If you are on 92% you will not be affected.

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I’ve had a similar issue sometime ago. I had to work on the buyer’s website but the password given was not working. But we were able to rectify it. The buyer had to change his website settings and add me as a staff admin of his website for his password to work for me. I think this is the issue you have right now, and I would suggest you tell this to the buyer and see if it works. But if it still doesn’t work, then a cancellation is the next option.

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Yeah OK I’ll try thanks vicvera450.

Thanks I think I should extend the delivery time as vibronx advised.

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