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🎃 Fall :TV: Lineup 🍂 What are you watching?

Fall :tv: Lineup :fallen_leaf::jack_o_lantern:

What’s your fave TV shows? Feel free to recommend shows, too.

So, @gig_freak, @hanshuber16 @zeus777 & I had a mini-discussion about TV shows. So, I thought a dedicated thread is appropriate to chit-chat about current shows. :sunglasses:

Please no spoilers, ty. :grin:

I’m a HUGE zombie/apocalyptic fanatic. :woman_zombie: Any other zombie fans out there?

It’s totally OK to call me Zombie chick/girl or whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Walking Dead :zombie:

Fear the Walking Dead :zombie:

AHS ~ American Horror Story :scream:

Hell’s Kitchen :hocho: Gotta :heart: the one and only Gordon Ramsay

Shark Tank :shark:

Shameless :upside_down_face:

I’ll prolly edit this or post below to add more. My breakfast is going cold. :bacon::bagel::coffee::fried_egg:

A cold breakfast is like blech. :grimacing:


I watch Mad Man, Better Call Saul at the moment. Those are the only two!


i would recommend " Peaky Blinders ",
i’m also a fan of amc’s “The Walking Dead”

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Usually, I am limited to what does Netflix offer, as I am anti-piracy, and believe that the artists (including authors, directors, producers, and actors should be fairly compensated). Netflix has a small library here, and I watch only one TV show that had already ended (so I can binge it), and one show that’s currently airing.

I love mystery, crime, comedies, and especially sci-fi tv shows.


I like watching zombie TV shows too :smiley: Just like my taste in music, I have a very broad taste in TV shows too. Anything but gossip/romance kinda TV shows tbh.

Among the zombie TV shows, I really liked Santa Clarita Diet. iZombie was okay too.

OMG I loved watching Better Call Saul. I have finished watching all the episodes that have been released so far in season 4. Can’t wait for more!

Edit: I’ve heard some wonderful things about Ozark and so, I’ve recently started watching it. The protagonist reminds me of Arrested Development. :wink:

OMG :raising_hand_man: Me too!


Aside from TWD, me and my friends are thinking about binge watching
Criminal Minds…:stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been a Netflix subscriber for years.

Gosh, I dunno what I’d do without Netflix prolly go bananas or something. :see_no_evil:

We’ve got a lot in common, :heart: Sci-Fi, thrillers, crime, mystery and suspense shows/movies.

Hmm, I’ll definitely look that one up.

Mr. Robot starring Rami Malek was EXCELLENT! :sunglasses:

Sadly, they cancelled the show wahhhhhhhh :baby:t4::sneezing_face:

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Mr. Robot was a great show. I have watched only the first season.

I don’t like Malek as Freddy Mercury. Sacha Baron Cohen, would have been a lot better fit, just I have read somewhere that he had disagreements with the production team of the movie.


Interesting, I love watching biopics. Rami is an amazing Actor, I was totally crushed when they canned the show. I haven’t watched Bohemian Rhapsody. So, when I do I’ll share my thoughts.

What about Jim Carrey or Johnny Depp? :grin:

This weekend, I’ll be watching the Bobby Brown Story (BET)

Awesome recommendation, lovin’ BBC shows. :ok_hand:t4:

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Best Show Around ATM


@eoinfinnegan OMGGGGGGGG, another show I haven’t watch. :hushed:

Ahem ~ OK, Mr. without going into too many details… What makes Gotham the best show? Use your awesome possum skills to convince me to watch. :wink:

You’ve put a smile on my face btw. :upside_down_face:
It must be the beard. :blush:


Well I am a big Batman fan so that may have something to do with it.

I figure that becoming rich enough to become Batman is more likely to happen than getting bitten by a radioactive spider

The whole show starts when Bruce’s parents are killed and basically goes from there. Season 4 and he is still only about 17 but we already see the potential and also the different bad guys and how they came about. The characters in it are really brilliantly done and you see how they become what they are. It’s not all loadsa baddies who just decided to dress funny. Oh, and you see how things spiral in Gotham so that a hero is needed.
The cast is brilliant too.

I have watched the first 3 seasons 3 times and the 4th one twice.
Season 5 will be the last


I watched it till the third season, and it got too dark for my taste. Maybe I should start watching it again.

Indeed, story wise, it is amazing.

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I summon @Woofy31 to this thread.

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OK, Batman Mr. Finnegan.

I’m huge :bat:man fan, call me Batgirl.:wink:

I :heart: watching a show with a bomb :bomb: storyline, if the storyline is whack. Meh, I’d toss it aside.

For Eoin's Eyes Only!

Anyway, I was drinking :tea: tea in one of my fave cups. I also found the coolest :pineapple: napkin holder. My :bat: collection is huge, I was going to show you the other stuff. But it’s too much work trying to put them all in one place.


All right, so :drum: drumroll, please.

I’m totally hooked :fishing_pole_and_fish: , mission accomplished. :tiger:

I wonder if it’s on Netflix? :thinking:


I summon Baasman @jonbaas. :grin:

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@nikavoice :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
@nikavoice :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
@nikavoice :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Were you upset about my spoilers on TWD that you didn’t invite me to this uh-maze-ing thread? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: You know I’m a TV show freak, I have a long record of binge-watching so many series!

Lost was my first love, now I’m split across so many shows that I forgot what I’m watching :thinking:

I see some new faces, too, @hanshuber16 and @caesarridd - heya guys, you can shall call me “Woofy” :dog2:

Wha’?!?! @eoinfinnegan is here and Yeti yet I wasn’t invited? :scream: That is poochy cruelty, @nikavoice :grimacing:

WHAT?! @miiila is here, too?! :heart_eyes_cat:


Throws @Woofy31 a bone.

Hahahahahahaha :joy:


Calm down Doggy Woofy!

Keep it up and I’ll strip you off your title. Ahem, and you know what I’m talking about. :shushing_face:

OK, it’s not just you, it’s my friends, it’s family, it’s the people on social media. :confounded:

Sometimes, I’m like people please do not post spoilers on my timeline. Grr!

Oh, c’mon you know I’ve got nothing but :heart: or is it bones for the pooch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and another thing, I still haven’t finished the last TWD season.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m a busy gal! But I’ll get to it before the NEW seson starts.


OG picks up bone, enters Silent Mode :eyes:

I knew that was the reason :smiley: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Come on, @miiila, spit it out, I know you missed me :eyes: :smiley:

P.S. I’m currently watching The Flash :cloud_with_lightning:


No, look, I got a new best friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

(the image is also a hint at what I’m binge-watching currently - attention, only suitable for you if you’re a child at heart, love Hogwarts and HP, fun, and don’t necessarily need a male student to identify with.