Falling Response Rate


Hello there!

A couple of days ago I received a message from a spambot here on fiverr. As you’re probably aware of, any message that is filtered as spam cannot be replied to. I just ignored the thing, deleted the conversation and went on with my day.

When I logged in again today, I noticed that my Response Rate had dropped to 40%. I use fiverr both on my pc and on my mobile devices and receive regular notifications whenever someone purchases a gig or sends me a message. Even if I wanted to, it’d be extremely hard to miss an inquiry.

Here’s my bug report: as I can imagine the culprit being this spambot, messages marked as spam should not influence our response rates. You guys might want to look into it.


I’ve watched mine go from around 97% to 89%… There was about 6 messages in my inbox that showed the little “Time running out” clock next to them. These are messages I had replied to already and I even replied to one or two of them a 2nd time… This didnt make the clock go away… And so it looks like all 7 of them counted falsely towards lowering my response rate…

Rather than make a new thread about this … I want to ask the OP if you are still experiencing problems like you described.

And I want to know if anyone else has watched their posts (from legit clients , not bots) do what I just described…

Post here with your experience and I’ll reference this thread in a support ticket within the next day or 2.



I’m actually having the same issue with legit messages that are not spam, i.e from real persons.

so the issues i get a message with the timer on it, I respond but the timer doesn’t go away even after a second or a third message, still showing the timer, then it goes on to a red one , the the response rate drops.

the timer was still on a conversation that i actually talked a lot with the client and already have an order sent and accepted, so it looks like a bug.


I had this in the past as well, all I can tell you is forget about it, the subject is a full mess and fiv does not care OR does not KNOW how to fix it. Once 30 days since the incident are gone, your rate will be back to normal, as to my understanding the average is calculated based on last 30 days …


This is really interesting to know. I have seen that you can send an un-spam request and communicate with people but that means talking to a spammer to protect your response rate.

Doesn’t seem right.


No, doesn´t seem right at all.
My rate one day suddenly dropped from 100 to 86 and ever since stayed like that. Curious to see if what bizzytip says will happen. I try to just ignore it, but that 86% staring at you all the time is no nice sight, if you do reply to everything asap. Makes one fear what happens with the rate, if one is sick a few days and can´t reply for instance, Does that ‘1 hour response time’ thing change, once your rate drops below a certain percentage?


Same here… From 100% to 86% because of the spam. And just like miiila I reply to everything as soon as possible. Nevertheless it stays at 86% now.
I think a month after the response rate drops down it can actually change again, depending on the response activity.

PS. I don’t think the response time changes, because one of my friends on fiver has 50% response rate for the same reasons, and still has “1 hour response time”


Interestingly since I posted this, looking at a 86% rate almost since I´ve been here (someone wrote it´s a bug and CS could be contacted to set it right), it started to go up at last lol 87% yesterday, and atm I see 88%, so at least it´s not the same number all the time anymore. Though still annoying if you answer almost instantly to everything.
But that´s what I´m thinking too, as long as it won´t affect that
’1 hour’ label, it shouldn´t be too bad. Though it could still be that it counts as a factor that affects the ranking of your gigs I guess.

Thanks for mentioning your friend with 50% and yet 1 hour, that´s good to hear at least.


Im experiencing this issue as well. Slowly went from 95% to currently 69%. Ive replied to all my messages (didnt recieve any spam) and still this is happening. I’ve contacted Fiverr CS but they said that there was nothing wrong on their end and suggested I look at the forums for tips to increase my sales. It’s definitely a bug.


Same here… got two bot message in around 30 days and my response rate dropped :confused:


I also had this problem where my response rate had dipped below 100% despite not a single unanswered message, and I contacted Fiverr support, and they restored my rate back to 100%.



Today I suddenly noticed my Response Rate, which had been stuck listening to 80’s and 90’s bad music, nevermind my response habits, suddenly is back to where it should be. Only noticed it because something looked off, and it was the 100% everywhere lol.

(interestingly my Response Time, which had always been 1 hour even throughout my Response Rate’s 80’s phase and had fallen to 2 hours some time while the Rate had been at 90something and ever been stuck there, though still is at 2 hrs).

Am I the only one and it´s just happenstance, or is this bug finally gone? Or will I see it drop again tomorrow for no good reason? The questions of life. :wink:


My response rate is falling and yet I know I have answered 1000% of my inbox in less than 24 hours. Another glitch?


hi friends my response rate also declined time by time even i respond on time to everyone. i am always online, but the strange thing is that, even my response rate declined during vocation mode as well. i dont know why this is happening