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False advertisement gig details

I just don’t understand how you pay for all this, supposed to include source file, logo transparency, printable resolution file, 3d mockup, stationary designs, social media kit, and vector file (see image below):

But then all you get in the delivery is this:

Why does Fiverr not step in on these and get rid of these scam sellers? I should not have to use up a revision to make a revision request to get everything that I paid for, especially what if the number of revisions were limited?

Looks like you won the “Hire-Someone-Who-Isn’t-Quite-As-Qualified-As-They-Claim” Lottery.

Sellers here discuss this frequently.

By ‘this’ I mean situations like what you are dealing with.

Sadly, out of the few million freelancers using Fiverr, you ended up with one that makes the rest of us professionals look bad.

I’d report this one to Fiverr CS and see where it goes.

If Buyers DO NOT start reporting um, shoddy work, it will never change.

Good luck.


Thanks. I put in a ticket to customer support about it.

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While I agree that this is indeed terrible, and I would like to see these sellers stripped from the market, I also have to say that when you hire people like this, you have to accept that they will behave as the rank amateurs their advert shows them to be.

You chose to block out the price but I assume it was stupidly low. If that was a genuine quality Brand Designer, they would offer 1 Logo, 1-2 revisions, and a Style Sheet (how to use the brand elements incl options for edge case usage scenarios like B&W) and not silly things like 3D mockups. Their service would have started with a big questionnaire about who you and your customers are to establish what the branding needs to say. Their fee would be $500 - $5,000.

Sure, this seller should deliver what they indicate, but really how surprising is it they do not when they already indicate that they know nothing about Branding. Glad you reported them but really, go back, ask for the things you need and close the job as you are getting what you paid for.


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Sure while it was a low cost, I liked the design style displayed on their previous work and I checked all the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. This logo definitely does not match up to the quality of the work shown in their previous work at that either. I’m not going to ask myself anything because regardless of what it cost, I didn’t get what I paid for that was listed in the included content. So I have to disagree with you.

While I understand that stance, it leaves you open for exactly the same result.

I think it deplorable that so many sellers are allowed to propagate here with stolen portfolio works and paid reviews. Whether this is or not I do not know but in just about every case where people note discrepancy between portfolio quality and delivery quality, Occam’s Razor suggests, fake portfolio. As long as people buy from them, it will simply encourage them and create more of these vile people.

Would you buy a $20 Ferraggi or Porchee car and expect it to be the real deal Ferrari or Porsche? I assume not no matter how shiny the advert. So best not to do the same with freelance work - no matter what adverts or chatter in forums indicate.

A seller should always deliver what they say but that $20 Ferraggi is clearly never going to be anything more than garbage no matter how much the buyer hopes or complains. This is the core of the adage “Buyer Beware” which is a used in law. Not to say being a garbage merchant is ok, as it is not, but to remind the customer, they have responsibilities to themselves in the situation too.

Ask the seller to provide the items promised, pay and move on.