False advertising by seller FRAGGLESROCK


this sellers location says USA I purchase Facebook gig Likes assuming I would recieve at least 50% likes from USA.

I guess my expectation bar was set too high. Zero for the USA all middle eastern that added no value to my page and have been dropping consistently I bought 1500 I am now down 900. On one hand I say good riddance on the other it’s embarrassing! Fiverr should have stricter rules about false advertising. that’s all I have to say.

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Problem is not false advertising, problem is due to the nature of gig: buying fake likes is not accepted from Facebook and they are constantly removing fake likes/followers.

If you take 5 minutes to search this forum you can find several threads talking about this: read them to understand what’s going on.

Anyway, just to tell you the truth till the end, in the past months we saw many of those gigs removed because most of them, violating Facebook ToS, automatically violate Fiverr ToS too, so when editors detect them (or someone report them) they are probably suspended or removed.


I’ve heard bad things about the seller FRAGGLESROCK, stay away!!


Reply to @ahlaj77: no no, no. Fragglesrock is the word used on Fiverr forum to obfuscate bad or prohibited words (eg other users names)!! =))


Reply to @mark74: haha i laughed at this more than i should xD


before order facebook likes gig you can read gig description and contact seller

  1. likes usa or worldwide ?
  2. likes real or real looking ?
  3. staying likes or no ?

    i think anyone cant deliver 1000 real usa staying likes for 4$ lol


    please understand this point