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False Advertising for Appointment Setting

Hi, I am fed up trying to get people to do what they are supposed to do…

Fiverr Agents are advertising "I will make 100 / 200 / 500 calls etc to businesses for you to get appointments when in fact they actually mean 100 / 200 / 500 Dials which if no one actually answers is totally useless… but we still have to pay for this?

Anyone could say they tried calling X amount of businesses but didn’t get anyone answering

This is NOT Calls and should be advertised as “Dials” as we have had numerous time wasting Agents here looking to make a quick buck for doing nothing


There isn’t any kind of false advertising issue here. It took me less than a minute to find a seller who offers to call clients up to 3 times to set appointments:

I’m guessing, though, that in your ideal world, you are looking for a magical way to pay someone $5 to make 110 phone calls which are guaranteed to be answered? You need to put that on a wishlist, not a site suggestion box card.


If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys


So, you want someone who would dial 500 numbers, but don’t want to pay them if you don’t like the result? In other words, you want them to work for free?


We are not unreasonable looking anyone on the cheap, but the person does need to do the actual appointments setting and not come back later with 100 / 200 / 500 unanswered calls as that simply tells us that they haven’t actually called all those numbers.

For $870 I could hire 2 Agents for 2 weeks, so that is a ridiculous amount to pay for 110 calls.

Maybe you will fly over and also sign the Businesses up for that price? I wish you luck.

Looks that way… but we don’t have any Peanuts, only Monkey Nuts

I’ve been in outbound call centers, though, thankfully never had to work in one. In a real world context, outbound calls are made using autodialing software and agents can make hundreds of calls without having anyone answer. Those calls are still considered calls. What is more, it is possible to block calls from unsolicited telemarketers and many businesses do.

On average, leaflets and written proposals have a 1-2% conversion rate. Pursuing what is essentially a very annoying telemarketing strategy and trying to get results as cheaply as possible in Fiverr doesn’t make sense. - Especially if you are already getting consistently bad results.

You need to change how you are attempting to market your business.

So if someone uses a dialer to make calls be it 100 or 1 million… shouldn’t they be advertising as per answered call? If they are asking for £5, £50, £100 or whatever, if they can call those amounts in one go but still only get 1 answer or 2 answers or whatever, then the amounts that we pay for become irrelevant as they are spending the exact same time for 1 or 1000 calls?. That was my point here

Also, it does not cost anything to dial any given amount of numbers via a dialer… only ones that are answered, so the amounts being advertised to call are irrelevant if the seller cannot guarantee appointments from them.

This is like saying if I write an email sales copy and no customers respond, I shouldn’t charge for it.

You are not paying someone for guaranteed appointments. You are paying for someone to take the time to make your calls. An autodialer makes one call at a time (if a seller is even using such software). Do you really expect someone to sit and make 100 phone calls and not expect to be paid if no one answers or no one gets excited about whatever your business is?

Why don’t you make your calls yourself if you don’t think that placing them will involve any kind of time or effort?


You are missing the point… we ARE paying people for guaranteed appointments.

We are talking about “I Will Get Appointments For Your Business” Ads… NOT, I will TRY to make 100 calls for you but if no one answers I still want £100

Then they tell us they cannot guarantee anyone even answering a call? … now that IS false advertising

This is a common problem on Fiverr; I see it all the time.
The issue is that a buyer wants a certain service, sees something which sounds similar to what they want but is much cheaper and so they go for it without hesitation. Then they complain that the service is not what they wanted…
It is pretty easy to just message someone before you order to ensure their service is what you are looking for. However, you will never get anyone useful to agree to what could be potentially a neverending order for 100s of calls/appointments. No sane person would do that.

Looking for a person who is capable of controlling the behavior of others is an interesting approach. I am pretty sure that anyone who can do such a thing won’t be selling it in this way.

There was a forum regular who offered to set appointments with a certain number of people, I think it was 5, but based on a local area and the cost was $75-100. ie. they guaranteed to keep going to get that many appointments set for you. Maybe you should look at that type of service.


Maybe we go back to the original concept that was to offer pay per qualified appointment as lots of the sellers don’t have a clue it seems when trying to explain what we need

Paying a low cost got bad results so the new plan is to pay nothing unless you get results? I somehow doubt this will improve the quality of sellers that work with you and therefore the quality of results. Just lots of wasted time I imagine.


Surely getting guaranteed appointments is completely different to what you described in your original post which was making calls. Nobody can guarantee an appointment from a phone call.

Perhaps what you’re looking for isn’t available on Fiverr, although I’m not very clear on what you are looking for to be honest.


Who mentioned paying a low cost? We paid a seller a very large amount to end up with 1 appointment on the calls side… useless … But I seem to be wasting time here

This is the Original post… False Advertising for Appointment Setting… so what is different?

But 100 calls to businesses doesn’t equal 100 appointments?

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No, buy the original ads that we contacted said they would guarantee appointments also,… but then changed

Given that you consider $217.50 to be a weekly wage, I think it is fair to believe you are looking to pay well under $5/hour for the service you require. That is definitely low cost.