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False advertising from a Website vendor "fragglesrock" on Fiverr


I purchased a web site with all of the add on’s from “fragglesrock”. The order came a day late even though I selected one day delivery. He sent me his number to call saying he needs more information even though I sent him the information. He shows me a half page of a nice site. I approve of it and finalizes but he never sent the site. So he sends this"You can reach me anytime via message on , or e-mail me at email removed . Please feel free to give us a call at telephone number removed .

If you e-mail me your phone number I can call you even if the number is international. Also if you have Skype I can call you there as well. Thank you for

using our services and I want to make sure you are happy with what you get. Can’t wait to speak with you

Thank You,

Personal details removed

I call he ask for 10 minutes of my time to finalize and says you can not get a site for the Fiverr prices. That I can get something but it is not going to be for that price. He said he would call back. He did’t and then did the same again. I understand that I lost my money due to finalizing the order.

My recommendation for all buyers always request information from sellers and make sure you get what you pay for.

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thank you both for your advise Im making a ticket today


I would look into Customer Support with this. It looks like he is trying to do business with you outside of Fiverr, which is against the Terms of Service.

I’m surprised Fiverr hasn’t already given him a slap on the wrist for giving out his email and phone number.

I would be careful about contacting sellers outside of Fiverr, unless you know them prior to being a buyer (like if a FB friend sells a gig etc.) - it’s a fairly big no-no, and even though you haven’t done anything wrong, you might find your profile being banned also.


Report this seller immediately by creating a ticket on Customer Support site and providing all the evidences they need.

They won’t disclose the actions they’re taking, but you can be sure that such behaviour is not allowed on Fiverr.