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False Advertising in Logo Design


I have used Fiverr three times now for a logo design and what I’m finding is that the quality of logos displayed on the sellers front page does not match what they provide. Most recently I provided a concept of a logo that our volunteer group would like along with some thoughts on imagery. What I got in return was a clip art over clip art logo… I could have done this in Power Point. I requested several revision and at one point the seller specifically asked me what do you for a logo. The sellers are supposed to provide graphic designs based on there training, not ask the customer directly what they want in the logo.

One other experience I recently had with a seller lead me to cancel the transaction because she was so far off the mark with a logo design even after spoon feeding her design thoughts as well as she was a week late with revisions.

So I believe many of the logo designers have no real talent and scrape logos from other places to entice a buyer to buy then the buyer is left frustrated when the logo quality they receive doesn’t match that of the advertising.

I also understand that I get what I paid for but there should be some truth in the sellers description of their skills.

So unless someone can convince me otherwise I’m beginning to believe that Fiverr’s logo services is a scam since I haven’t found a designer that provides quality logos as presented on their front page.


And sadly, that’s a spot on assessment. The operative word here is many, however. Not all. A bit of critical thinking and a generous use of reverse image search will go a long way towards finding honesty and true talent on here.


I believe you are right. I’ve seen a lot of clip art logo design on the site that looks nothing like what sellers display on their gig page. The problem is with logo design you get what you pay for. A good logo is a well thought out design that is suggestive. Most of what you will get is literal. If that makes any sense!

If you run an auto repair shop you don’t necessarily want a car for your logo. A logo must be a timeless staple that represents your business. It should look good when scaled and printed. It doesn’t have to be an image of what you do. It represents your company and when someone sees it, they will automatically know what your company is all about. Logo creation is a well thought out process. What I’ve seen from fiverr sellers is pieces of stock clip art put together that you could never use on a coffee mug, tee shirt, or any product design for that matter.


I’m having this issue right now. I was under the impression “logo design” meant the seller would listen to what our company was about and come up with a great idea for our logo, then design it. What we’re finding in this process is that we have had to feed ideas, send photos and describe things far too much. We’re on the fourth revision or so and it seems the seller just draws a cartoon version of a photo we’ve sent when we’re looking for something far more advanced and exciting. It’s not a design service if I have to basically design my own logo and spoon feed it. Also, is there no option for refund? I know we will not use any of these designs as our logo and it seem fruitless to keep asking for revisions when I know they won’t get where we want to be with a logo. I think this should be renamed because they certainly aren’t adding their own ideas or flare. Its just drawing their own version of a picture we sent. When, the pictures were just supposed to provide inspiration. I feel its a waste of time for both the seller and us, as buyers and I do feel very misled as this is not a design service whatsoever. Very misleading.


The thing is that is very hard to believe, but a good logo need time and definitely you will not get it on 5$, everybody should know this.
Every designer here on Fiver had the option to attach an online portfolio in the description of the gig, not only what you can see on profile, buyers should check that before to order. Also, is difficult when you are not face to face to explain the needs but for 99% of my experience on Fiverr I exceed the expectations of my customers and I am proud of this.
What can I say…talk with the seller before ordering so he/she can make the idea and from there to add creativity, quality, professionalism.

I am sorry for the bad experiences on Fiverr but not everybody is the same and you don’t need to say that logo service’s on Fiver is a scam because I am sure that you will find the right person in the end.


You get what you pay for, as the saying goes. I do understand, however, being on a tight budget. You did what I’m doing right now: gambling. You’re gambling that, for $5, you’ll get a professional quality logo. Or, at the very least, something that’s not clip art over clip art.

I’m gambling as well. I’m not a writer, so I’m trying my luck here. For $5, the gamble is worth it to me to see if I can find a competent writer for my new magazine. So far, I feel that I have lucked out with a writer who has the potential to deliver what I’m looking for. If she delivers, I will most certainly tip her well and use her services again. But, if this gamble fails, I’ve only lost $5.

Having said all that, I do agree that if a logo designer is displaying work on their profile that they can’t deliver in real life, then yes, it’s a scam and false advertising.

Roll the dice!


I have found that there are many “logo makers” on Fiverr but very few “logo designers”.
Many of the sellers take free to use designs and edit them slightly to in some way match the buyer’s brief. This could be as basic as slapping the company name on a template etc. For the prices those sellers charge it is to be expected.
If one wants a logo designed where there will be some sketches, some over and back, some explanation of concepts etc, the cost has to be a lot more than $5-20. Expecting anything else is just, as someone else said, gambling.


Hello palmandlotus.
Im not a professional digital artist. But i gained some expirience over time.
I used to work in a local company that create flyers, banners and other products.
This company also provide “logo design services” .
They used the same logo templates for all of our customer.
This happened 10 years ago.

And now i visited alot of freelancing websites like fiverr.
And the same ideology rules the market of logo design services.

Im sorry tthat you expirience a bad quality of service here. But trust me you can find few people that can give you a well designed custom logo for only 5$. (not talking about me , im not a digital artist)

Also its not hard to create a logo, you just need some time to design a good one.
Thats why many people are trying to provide low quality logo services.
They just want to get 5$ only spending 5 minutes.

Im not sure if this is accepted from the forum rules. But im willing to provide you a logo with 1 revision for free. And if you dont like it just throw it into the abyss . :stuck_out_tongue:

If this is not allowed . I would like the moderators to delete my reply (thanks :slight_smile: )


Really? I’ve hired logo designers several times and most of my experiences have been great. I know they’re true designers because once I asked him to replace the T with a palm tree, and he was able to do it.

Of course, you have to give CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS and have realistic expectations. You should also see the portfolio samples. If you don’t like the samples, you’re not going to like his or her work. So buy accordingly.

Also, when dealing with artists, pictures speak louder than words. So copy and paste some web links of logos you like.


My first fiverr experience is what I expected. I need a logo and have been very specific (line art, black-on-white, antique-looking) in my request. The offers I’ve received so far all look like cut-and-pastes, declaring that they have read my description very carefully, that it is interesting, etc., and that they are the right person for the job. No one addresses my request specifically. It looks like everyone has a cut-and-paste ready regardless of the details. So, because no one specifically addressed my request regardless of price range, and because a reverse image search yielded phonies throughout the offers (though I didn’t check each one), I just chose the lowest priced offer. It was only when I’d paid the cash that the seller used language that suggested he/she had actually looked at my request. Regardless (let’s call this person a) he submitted a mockup that was full-color and modern-looking. Not a bad job at all, just not what I asked for. A language barrier. I sent him some examples to soak up what I am looking for because the Urdu/Punjabi/English connection isn’t working. I think if more money was involved and there was a time crunch, I’d be pretty irritated at the transparent lack of reading involved, but for the amount of money I paid I am willing to go along with the inconvenience for a while.