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False Advertising?

I came to Fiver to have someone model a mouth in cinema 4d. I don’t want to put down the person. I won’t say his name. I have tried on and off to get a character with a mouth and have it rigged to sound. Again I am going to approve the lousy work and be on my way. I wish Fiverr would screen their sellers. I lost another $70.00 and almost 2 weeks.

Not happy at all.

If the seller didn’t give you what was specifically asked for originally and he said he would do it in an offer or what was advertised in the gig then you can ask for revisions until you get what was specified (eg. if the seller said they’d give you x and they didn’t).

You can either ask for revisions or request a cancellation if they didn’t give you what was specified in the gig/offer. You can’t cancel due to quality but if they offered to give you “a character with a mouth rigged to sound” or stated that in the gig, that’s what they should deliver to you. Otherwise I don’t think you should approve it.