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False buyer request

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is fine & OK. Now a days it has been seen & noted that some sellers of different countries are continuously sending FALSE BUYER REQUEST. Just wondering that whether FIVERR permits this false buyer request or not. For the sake of this well renowned market place FIVERR should take steps on this false buyer request


What does a “false buyer request” even refer to? Never heard of it but now I’m confused and curious, please explain if you can and want


Sellers are sending buyer request just same like the buyers’ are sending buyer request …

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False buyers give bad reviews and they even don’t accept the delivery. They are placing orders just to ruin the sellers. I wish Fiverr should take action against such fake buyers and save hard-working sellers.


Do you mean they are advertising their gigs? If so, just ignore them. They will get warnings from Fiverr. Plus the only people that can respond to them are other sellers so they are not getting any work.

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I think he means there are BR all the time that have text like this:

We need custom logo for my site www. bl bla something bla .com

We need custom banner
We need custom video …

We need book of 1000 pages…

And so on, being posted by same or similar accounts over and over and people who are new do not know it is a scam and they waste their offers on them.

I noticed it by accident when she posted logo design BR and only got 20 or so offers. I started monitoring and next time it was a different name, but the same website. At the beginning she gets 200 offers and then when everyone picks up it is a fake (her BR is there every day, new). they stop sending offers.

At least I think that is what he means.


I seldom visit Buyer Requests except to delete most of them. It seems there are not any good ones anymore. Anyway, that is why I did not notice the “fake” buyers.

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Thanks. Continuously same person after every one day or 2 sending false buyer request & creating disturbance at this well-renowned market place. Yes, it may be correct that person is trying to increase their gig ranking

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