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False Copyright Infringement


I’ve been selling this calligraphy gig for over 2 years, and suddenly yesterday my gig requires modification, with one of the reasons being copyright infringement of one of the pictures that I use, which I find very ridiculous. Why? Because it was my own work, and I took a picture of it in my own living room, edited it, and uploaded it to Fiverr. So I explained this to CS but they didn’t read my explanation and as usual their reply was a standard copy and paste text, basically they repeated themselves that the picture that I use is found on the internet and that I have to remove it.

I couldn’t open the thread anymore and when I clicked on the link it only opens a form to submit for a new ticket. I think they closed the case when it isn’t solved yet? After a few times contacting CS, I have to say that their CS support is very very disappointing, if not frustrating. They never read the whole message, doesn’t answer any questions, but only copy and paste a very standard reply then close the case.

Anyways, I replied via email to ask them to show me the link where the picture is found and am still waiting to hear back from them. Has anyone else experienced this false infringement too? What did you do in the end? I mean I could easily take another picture of my work and upload it, but this whole thing is ridiculous.


I have not experienced any false infringement but I have some points I’d like to share that may or may not help you hehehe

  1. While you’re still waiting for CS reply, you can do a reverse image search on Google and maybe that might find where that supposed “image” they’re claiming to be copyrighted can be found. A google reverse image search is easy, you just upload your original photo (the one they claimed you “copyrighted”) and google will find out the “supposed” source of such photo.

  2. I really thought it was just me who experienced that once I click the link from email when CS replies to a ticket that it directs me to the page where you submit for a new ticket, so I only reply to them through email which I find harder because I’m used to replying through the site.

Anyway, I hope I at least made some helpful points and I sincerely also wish the best and that things get sorted out for you. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion, and yes one of the first things I did was to Google search my image, and surprise surprise I could not find anything that is even similar to my picture. However CS said they have the proof that the picture is shown on Google search, so I’m asking them to include the link.


It’s really sad they use the same copy paste reply, it would reflect that they didn’t read your concern properly! :frowning: Well, I do hope they provide whatever link they say they found your photo in to at least set things straight, you know. The sooner this gets resolved the better! :slight_smile:


This was Fiverr response:

Thanks for following up, Liz,

I am sorry, however, in order for us to review the issue further, please provide the following information as your image is being flagged as non original:

A description of your copyrighted work and what is protected under the copyrights that you are referring to

Your copyrights certificate/designation and the type, e.g., registered
trademark, registered copyrights, etc.

A proof of your copyrights ownership, such as the registration number or a copy of the registration certificate

A short description of how the subscribers allegedly infringe on your copyrights

A clear reference to the infringing materials you are requesting to be removed, for example, the Gig url, a link to the deliverable provided to a user, etc.

Your complete name, address, and contact information.

A statement made under penalty of perjury that the information provided in the notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or are authorized to make the complaint on behalf of the copyright owner.

Your electronic or physical signature


Am I the only who finds this ridiculous? I did my work, uploaded a picture of my work, then they claimed to find the exact picture on Google (without proof being provided) and now I have to submit all this copyright ownership paperwork which I don’t have because it’s only a picture of handwritten “FIVERR” in calligraphy.


That’s quite ridiculous. I’ve seen forum posts where creatives are trying to make a case to go after people who deliberately steal their work and try to pass it off as their own and get greeted with responses like this. One even stated that copyrights are expensive especially when you have hundreds of works on display; on their own personal site I might add. Not sure what else could be suggested at this point; hope it gets resolved soon.


Update: I sent a picture of my work as a proof. They accepted the fact that it was indeed my work, but the reply from CS was only:

I see. Please Re-upload your image and publish your gig. I would advise taking new pic of your calligraphy writing and setting it on your gig.

Seriously Fiverr? Not even an apologise after the false accusation without proof. No empathy at all! If any of the CS team is reading this thread, please have some common sense next time:

  1. I uploaded the pictures around 3-4 years ago, and only recently it was flagged. Did your team check the other link when the picture was uploaded?
  2. My picture specifically says “FIVERR”, so what is the chance that I took it from other site?
  3. I tried to find the image on internet by uploading it to Google image, but I could not find any link or website that uses my picture. No proof to back up your claim.
  4. I specifically asked you to include the link with the picture as a proof, but you failed to provide it. Again, no proof to back up your claim.

No words can describe how disappointing this whole false “copyright infringement" is, and the way CS handled this case was even worse.


I’m sorry for you after reading this. There are many scenarios where I can see a “fault” or “mistake” but this is just disappointing. I found the request to provide documentation AFTER they accused you ridiculous.


I feel so sorry for you. I feel Fiver’s good intentions can sometimes hurt a genuine seller who has indeed spent the time in creating something original - only to be accused of stealing it.

Nothing is foul-proof and Fiverr’s editorial department are the same.

I do hope you have managed to change the photo and it’s live.


Thank you all for the replies. The gig is now live again :slight_smile: