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False Gig Advertising

I’m confused by Sellers who advertise an illustration for $5 and then asks the day before the gig is due, “How much

will you pay me per picture?” If you do not plan to deliver the product at the advertised cost, don’t advertise it at that price. This seems to occur with sellers from other countries. If there a language problem or something else I am missing?

I don’t think it’s a language problem. I’d say that they are just trying to scam the system.
Also, maybe some don’t see it as such a scam because in some places bargaining each time you buy something is quite common.

I think what we may have here is the debate between the title and description. The title usually is short and sweet so it can’t include everything about a gig’s price and what they will or will not do for that price. Don’t get me wrong. The seller still has to clarify in the description what they offer for $5 just don’t expect the title to entail every detail.

It is kind of like the dollar store. Even though the title is dollar store, when you walk in you get a broader view of what is and is not a dollar.

Lastly the above clarification came from Fiverr CS. They are not their words exactly, but months ago I asked them about this clarification since it was a hot topic at the time.

If they don’t list what they would do for $5, walk away. A buyer is in control. If you don’t want to buy, than don’t and if you do and they don’t give what was agreed upon, either ask for a modification or cancel.

Just a question: have you been contacting sellers before purchasing? Not all sellers like/want this, but if you’re having trouble finding sellers that can do what you need them to do at the price you want to pay, it might be beneficial to talk to users before you invest time/money in an actual order, so you can see if they actually do offer what’s advertised by gig titles AND descriptions.

Not every industry here on Fiverr has an easy time of squeezing what they do into a title. Steveeyes said it was kind of like a dollar store–I see the title like the advertisement and the description like the fine print.

That said, if the description doesn’t clearly lay out what you need to pay or doesn’t say that you should contact the seller before buying in order to get a quote based on the work you need done, then you’re right in assuming that they’ll do exactly what the title of the gig says they’ll do for $5 and if they won’t do it, you can report them to support if you feel, like madmoo said, that they are doing it deliberately.

You’ve had several issues from what I can tell from the few posts I’ve seen you make. I’d take time to double and triple read what you’re buying into… hopefully you cam get it worked out.

Reply to @gailbunning: And I’d probably look twice over my instructions and see how they compare to gig titles/descriptions and if I’m being clear about what I need and how much time I expect it to take.