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False Late Delivery

I delivered an article two days EARLY. Client responded within the gig messaging system that he’d review it when he could and I replied to just let me know if there are changes. Now, Fiverr says says I delivered LATE. What is this about? I have no control over how the buyer will write me, either as a response to my delivery, or within the messaging system. I feel this is very unfair to sellers considering they get downgraded for late deliveries. Seems that when you deliver makes no difference; the seller is wrong no matter what . . .

It doesn’t matter. If you deliver an order and it gets “late” during the revision period, it won’t count as a late delivery. Ignore it.


I’m not sure about this :slight_smile: I’ll even say more, it seems to me that the time extend function also affects the delivery rating, because I have had cases when the buyer did not respond for a long time and the order was marked as “LATE”, after all i completed it, the buyer was satisfied and left 5 star review, but my rating went down.

If an order gets marked as late only after a delivery was made, it won’t affect stats. This is 100% true and tested, no debate.

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Is it possible to be marked as “LATE” AFTER delivery? o_O

Yes, that’s the whole point behind this post. If you have, say 1 day left when you deliver and the buyer does not come back for 2 days, it will show as late, the timer keeps ticking. However, it will not count as late on your stats once the order is completed.


Hmm, okay, never happened to me, thanks for info :slight_smile:

I’ve also experienced this. I am not sure whether it affects stats or not and of course it doesn’t feel good to chance it. Delivering early is a GREAT practice - but be sure to remind the Buyer that they cannot hit “revision” in order to review later (this is how I understood the reason it’s marked late. If you delivered and they did not click revision, I don’t think it would happen). Sometimes Buyers just think this is logical and are not trying to harm you, but you have to let them know: They must click revision only WHEN they have a specific revision request. If they do not, deliver again, keep delivering, and ask them to review at their earliest opportunity.

It doesn’t affect stats. You can literally deliver everything last minute, your delivery on time won’t drop. It gets marked as late on the order page, but once it completes it doesn’t count as late. It’s probably a bug with the timer.

Thank you, all, for the input and recommendations. @chloeskye, I’ll follow your suggestion :slight_smile:

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On the off chance that a request gets set apart as late simply after a conveyance was made, it won’t influence details. This is 100% valid and tried, no discussion.