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False Titles

Getting real tired of all the false/misleading titles on gigs. Like when the seller posts “Get x for $5” and you read down into the description and there is in fact NOTHING for $5. The minimum price for X is like $55. Just reported 6 of these to support. Admin needs to do a better job of screening gigs.

mdavis said: The minimum price for X is like $55. Just reported 6 of these to support. Admin needs to do a better job of screening gigs.

Why bother? If a gig is dumb, the marketplace will reject it. A gig that offers nothing for $5 will get few sales, then the seller will either change his gig or forget Fiverr altogether. See? Things self-correct, you don't have to bother the admins with things that don't affect you personally.

So did the seller list in the gig description what a basic $5 gig was? Obviously a title does not give you enough characters to list all the gig requirements for a $5 gig so a title is not the totality of the gig requirment. Fiverr does state that the seller must offer a basic $5 gig. If they do, they are not in violation if they don’t, they are.

I see you are from the U.S. Have you ever been in a “Dollar Store”. Despite its name or title, not everything in the store is a dollar.

I list in my gig description what a basic $5 gig covers…anything above and beyond the basic $5 requirement, Fiverr provides Gig Extras for that reason.

I see that a lot. I believe this site started off stating there had to be at least a minimum item or service offered for $5 and the extras are added from there but seems as they don’t care a much any more, it generates more revenue for them in the end. I suppose the idea of $5 was good in the beginning but $55 is way more better :slight_smile:

I actually agree with this from a seller’s point of view: it creates unfair competition when sellers make false or misleading promises, and means the rest of us who title gigs honestly get less traffic. I’d like to see a requirement that the title describe only the $5 gig. You could even put “extras available” in the title and/or cover photo, but surely most buyers are searching Fiverr with the idea of only spending $5, right?

Reply to @luckygutsy: Fiverr CS has addressed this issue. Realizing that the title only allows so many characters, they stated what your basic $5 gig covers should be listed in the gig description. What’s wrong with that? Unless the buyer is too lazy to read or more than likely looking for an excuse to get $50 worth of work for $5, it is there in the gig description for the buyer to read.

IF the title alone can only represent the price, than name/title Fiverr is a misrepresentation of this site. But as we know Fiverr addresses what Fiverr represents in their TOS just like the gig description clarifies or represents what the basic $5 gig covers.

When it is clearly stated in the gig description what the basic $5 gig covers no one is trying to mislead anyone. Pretty simple stuff – If the buyer doesn’t like the price, move on, We don’t live in China – let the market decide the fate of the gig, not some buyer who can’t read beyond the title.

Tell me, when a buyer wants $50 worth of work for $5, who is being unfair, false and misleading?

That isn’t what I said. But to your point, nothing wrong if a seller wants to sale or advertise $50 worth of work for $5. My point was when a BUYER pays only $5 and expects or demands $50 worth of work. Big difference.

The game goes like this. The buyer pays $5. The seller delivers $5 worth of work. The Buyer asks for modifications that is beyond the basic price.

Steve, when a seller advertises $50 worth of work for $5, why would that be unfair? Also, you have to remember that there are currency differences. If I pay Millie’s Joke Shop in the UK $5, that buys a soda; $5 for Geology tutoring in the US buys a cheap McD meal; $5 for a programmer in India buys a nice restaurant meal.

IF the seller is clear about what he’s offering, fine. But too many advertise the world, and then want 10x what is being offered. I would like to see Fiverr allow for us buyers to leave feedback to warn other buyers that their ads are misleading.

Scare away the buyers and you have nothing.