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False ToS violation

I am a buyer and put in a new buyer request but I got a warning for doing so. However, my request is legit and should not have been flagged for ToS violation. This was my request:

“Book, TV series, Movie Reviews wanted. Please reply with the title of the Book, TV series, Movie you want to review, how many words per review, and your price, please. I’m pre-launching an entertainment website and I need some people to write reviews for me. Thank you.”

CS told me that this violates ToS since “Offering or requesting a service that violates the rules of a company outside of Fiverr is against our own community rules.” That’s crazy. Writing a review does not violate any rules of any company outside of Fiverr.

I honestly have no idea what one Earth the problem is. I believe this is a bug in fiverr requests where the system just automatically issues a warning for some word that I used. I hope Fiverr can check their code/system and fix this.

~I’ve been a buyer for years and you can search gigs for yourself and see that many people offer to write reviews.

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It is against Fiverr ToS to sell or buy reviews.

When/if Fiverr catches such sellers they could lose their account. Such sellers just have not been caught yet.

I am not “buying reviews.” As you can see, I asked for a blog post/article. It’s not an Amazon/Yelp review. It’s a writing task like writing “XXX BB cream is the best for dry skin.”

Your last sentence there, “XXX BB cream is the best…” is exactly WHY Fiverr does not allow these types of Gigs. Most who solicit the services of reviewing a product or service etc only want a glowing review - not a real one. Why would anyone buy a product if someone said, “XXX BB cream is so oily and made my skin break out!” Also, how would this seller know that the product or service is worthwhile unless they actually TRY it? So, you can see how it is a sneaky way to garner “good” or even fake reviews whether or not the product is worthy of a good review or not.



A way you may get around this is to just ask or request someone to write a blog post or article on a particular subject, product or movie etc. When you use the word “review”, that sends up red flags that look like you are trying to game online reviews to get people to buy a product or service that may not be as good as the “review” written by a paid actor claims it is.


You can see that I don’t own BB cream or any product. I asked for movie reviews, for example. How is that fake? FYI, I’m not Disney so a positive review won’t do me any good. Nor did I ask for a positive review.

Also, the ToS says nothing about writing reviews being banned, nor is writing a review banned by any other company. It’s mental to think that it is.

You can buy gigs where a actors literally ask people to buy your product. That’s not against ToS. In fact, there is nothing in ToS that says you can’t buy gig that promote products.

Though, again… my request was for writing content about entertainment (books, TV, movies).

Even schoolchildren write book/movie reviews! There’s nothing wrong with that.

OK. Keep putting up a buyer’s request then to “review” movies and such. It may be “mental” to you, but, Fiverr makes the rules, and they do not want sellers who write reviews - as MOST of the buyers of reviews are looking to pad their product reviews with FAKE reviews about their product. Amazon sued or got Fiverr into hot water over this whole review business on Fiverr a few years back - that is why it is now not allowed.

Also, you have a site for entertainment reviews etc in order to profit in some way - I don’t know how, but, there has to be something in it for you in order for you to want to pay people to review things for your website.

Just do the workaround I mentioned above, without using the word review - ask sellers to write a post about a movie or BB Cream etc. You may be able to populate your website that way.


Do you see how many times you used the word “review”? That is why your post was flagged and you got a TOS. You can argue it all day long, but, this site does not allow sellers to sell paid reviews. Your request was not about “writing content” it was about “writing reviews.”

Anyways, I did try to help. I think I may have failed. Good luck with your site and venture. :slight_smile:


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That’s not the same, they’re actors, everyone knows it. Nobody’s going to think they’re real people.

Reviews or testimonials have a lot more credibility. You should also realize that just because something is allowed elsewhere, doesn’t mean it’s allowed here. Fiverr has their reasons to disallow review gigs, I suspect it has to do with Amazon suing them at one point. Nobody wants to mess with Jeff Bezos, he has deep pockets.


Bah, there is still nothing in the ToS about reviews not being allowed. I read the entire thing and there is literally nothing there.

If reviews are not allowed then they ought to actually put in the ToS.

You are right: it is an automated system. And, no, it is not a bug: it is intentional. Fiverr’s automated system is such that it automatically blacklists BRs which have the string “r-e-v-i-e-w” in them. I don’t really think you would benefit much from contacting CS about it cuz I am pretty sure they are gonna say something along the lines of “Sorry, it is an automated system” (AKA ain’t nothin’ we can do about it). However, if you want to take it up with CS, good luck! It might be worth a try. :sunny:

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I already have three other requests that have been approved which have the word “review” in them.

I read the other threads and it looks like the buyer requests now have a lot of bugs. Since they are probably overhauling the system they should really look over my feedback.

If you search the word “review” on Fiverr you get hundreds of results. Just the one for Articles & Blog Posts has 169 results so I don’t believe writing reviews actually violates ToS. There is also nothing written anywhere on Fiverr that says reviews are not allowed.

Fiverr should not cite ToS violation when there is none.

“Offering or requesting a service that violates the rules of a company outside of Fiverr is against our own community rules” <— there is nothing like that written in the ToS either. I also can’t find anything called “community rules” on Fiverr about which gigs/requests are not allowed.

Unfortunately, you’re fighting a losing battle here. Those other sellers just haven’t been caught, warned, or banned yet. Fiverr does not allow anything that has anything to do with buying or selling reviews. Those are the rules, regardless of whether there is an explicit note about this in the TOS. You’re right, maybe there should be, but that still doesn’t change the fact that you can’t offer to buy or sell those here on Fiverr. You appear to have learned this the hard way (via a warning). Now you know.

Perhaps this is a good time to find a better service to offer that does not go against the rules of what Fiverr does not allow here on this site.

I don’t offer any services, but thanks, I guess.

And there is no way of knowing the rules when they are not written down. If I were, just for argument’s sake, to offer a service, how would I know if its against the “rules” when the “rules” aren’t written anywhere?

Asking for a seller who you can pay to write fake reviews is also inappropriate. Whether you are a buyer, or a seller, you cannot buy, sell, or hire other people to write reviews here on Fiverr. I understand your frustation, but that isn’t going to change what happened. Fiverr was kind enough to only issue you a warning. They have outright banned other buyers/sellers for this. Perhaps you can take the lesson learned, and be thankful that you were not among those whom Fiverr has taking stronger actions against.

You now know what not to do. Buying/selling reviews is a big no-no. That’s just the way it is.

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Change this to:

Book blurbs, latest TV series news & entertainment commentary on the latest movies.

You are right in that it is pretty insane you have received a warning for this. I’ve written hundreds of Game of Thrones episode reviews. (Though, as a disclaimer, I’m going to add NOT on Fiverr.) There is nothing remotely fraudulent about this.

Within seconds of a hit TV series episode ending, entertainment blogs are buzzing with traffic, as millions of people go online to find out what other people thought. Having a hit blog like that can see you make a ton in ad and affiliate marketing revenue.

Most importantly of all, media companies LOVE THIS.

Good luck with your project. Now just be sure not to use the word review in any kind of communication on Fiverr. Another one you might want to watch out for is ‘rewriting.’

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To a certain degree this is true. Fiverr has a set of guidelines listed under “editorial focus” and services under that umbrella are generally not allowed. Since it’s Fiverr’s company and they can change things on the fly at any time, it is the right of the staff members to take actions, even ones someone might call insane. Some actually really do come off pretty insane, like banning someone because they had a religious photo that offended someone (which did happen.) No matter what we think as buyers or sellers, you can rant all day and it won’t make a difference.

When buyers ask for “reviews” and a human staff member sees it, it will usually be removed.
If a seller offers a review and a human staff member see it, it will usually be removed.
Videos of people saying they bought a product are sometimes removed if it isn’t VERY clear in their video that they are actors.
Sellers who put up gigs offering to buy a gig from another seller might not be explicity forbidden by ToS, but the seller who offered it would likely be banned.

So, rant, but Fiverr chooses what to allow on a case by case basis and unless you are having lunch with the entire group of top-level staff, you aren’t going to be heard at alll, much less change their minds.

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hi ! before someday i experienced like this type.i contact with customer service and they take the warning back. and also i get my level back . so you can try this .if not work then sorry for that