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False use of buyer requests and zero sales + Poll for report button

I’ve been on graphic design category here on fiverr and competition day by day is getting higher and higher. Lots of new people getting into that category and each one of them have to deal with some “beasts”. According my belief this is why “pro” category created, in order to separate the top from the rest. It is logical but it is tougher for a new seller tho.

_Let’s get into the point of this Topic. Many people are getting into fiverr as I previously said, start their gigs wait a while and get zero sales. They start to frustrate. Mistakes tend to happen afterwards and they don’t get it that this affects their probability to reach a sale. Personally, what I see and bothers me a lot as a seller, is the false use of buyer requests. _

What do I mean by false use of buyer requests? This mechanism was created so a buyer would post a job he/she wants, add the available budget and the desire of the delivery time and then waits for sellers to send their requests. This mechanism IS NOT for sellers to post their abilities and advertise their expertise. It bothers me scrolling half an hour reading seller posts in buyer requests category like “photoshop expert send me jobs, I am in need”. So please stop that. Additionally, I don’t believe this has a good outcome to your account. I surely believe this affects you in a bad way and not in way that can help you get a sale. Simply think, that category is only been seen by sellers. A buyer just post. He/She can’t send you a request if there is no gig in their account.

So my tip for sellers is DO NOT post your ad in “buyer request” mechanism.

Hope you liked my Topic, please share with me if that is something you agree with or not.

Poll for fiverr to add a button for reporting those people… by miiila PLEASE VOTE

It says get offers from sellers and not get sales from buyers :wink:


This is not a matter of debate. Posting gigs on the buyers requests section is against TOS. They should all be banned.

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I totally agree! But they don’t. I report some them when I get mad lol :smiley:

I must admit I have used some of my requests just to have the satisfaction of replying to some of those sellers xD Not a very smart move business wise, though, since the requests are limited :confused:

lol what have you told them? “stop spamming”? cause i have said them that in the past :stuck_out_tongue:

That and some other stuff I won’t write here xD

I totally get what you might have said hahaha

Careful, probably counts against your conversion rate, as well.

Related poll, if you´d like to vote (I´ll make another attempt at sending CS the link when it´s up to 200 voters from the currently 193):

Thanks for the Poll… :slight_smile:

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added it in the topic :slight_smile:

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Why would conversion rate matter in buyer requests? :S

Have no idea. It is up to the buyer not the fiverr system. Maybe she means that it get your offer higher than others?

No, I just mean it´s an offer he sends and Fiverr doesn´t know that he just sent it for fun/to tell the seller off/whatever, and if his offer does not get accepted, it might well be a negative for his conversion rate.
I don´t know if offers sent to BRs are counted, but why wouldn´t they count, actually, which is why I said careful, might not be worth the risk.
After all, we know that cancellations which are completely the buyer’s ‘fault’, like such from accidentally ordering 2x the same gig because Fiverr´s payment thing didn´t work fast enough for them, are reflected in our order completion rate, so why shouldn´t unaccepted offers we send to BRs count against our conversion rate.
But, as I said, I don´t know if it is so, maybe someone wants to do the math and find out, but that´s not me, I´m a words person, not a math person. :slight_smile:

I wish it is not calculated cause none of my offers were ever accepted lol :smiley:

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:smiley: I wish so too then, but not sure about how well wishing works, I´m wishing accidental orders weren´t counted either every time I see a cancellation mail because some buyer ‘ordered accidentally’, but still have to look at my lowered order completion rate for 60 days every time a buyer orders accidentally or during a Fiverr website outage or something.
But as long as we don´t know, we can keep thinking it doesn´t count, so that´s good. :wink:

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But i get huge amount of buyer request from seller community. Fiverr take no action for themselves. Why?