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Falsely denied gigs

I had 2 of my top selling gigs randomly denied out of nowhere. These two gigs were gaming related one for gaming coaching and one for just playing a game in general. When speaking to customer service I was told that my gigs were denied because “Fiverr’s relevant department reviewed your Gigs and was unable to approve them since the services it offers are no longer supported and the platform is not issuing new Gigs in this category.”. However after looking it up the gaming section still exists and even has two subsections for “Game coaching” and “Game sessions”. Fiverr also still allows thousands of other gigs to remain up on the website that are the exact same to mine. This has tremendously hurt my fiverr business as well as my income from fiverr. Has anyone out there had something similar happen and been able to fix it?

Sorry to hear that. One of my gig was denied by Fiverr they said it was violating other third party services. I asked them there are other different seller offering the same service. So, they said sometime some keyword in gig description or title makes problem. Than after contacting again i fixed my issue. I am not sure you have this issue or another but you can contact them again and publish new gig like other sellers did.