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Famous reasons of fiverr acccount ban

hello everyone! currently, I am new on Fiverr and I am getting good orders but I have some friends who did some silly mistakes and got his Fiverr account ban so I worry about my account please which is the reasons to Fiverr banning our seller account like don’t ask review to client and his personal contact information, etc. so tell me please which is the silly reasons of account ban


Basically, don’t violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service (when you signed up, you had to confirm that you’ve read the terms and that you agree to be bound by them, so not knowing the terms isn’t going to work as an excuse if you break the rules)…

I don’t know whether you think that the terms are silly, though.


Whether it sounds silly or not, rules are rules.
It’s that simple.
Just be sure to read the terms of service CAREFULLY and follow them.

I’ve read so many posts by people complaining about their accounts being banned and
treated unfairly, but I’d say 99.999% of the time (with soooooooooome exceptions) it’s their own fault and Fiverr had every reason to ban them…

  1. empty delivery
  2. more than one account
  3. cussing at a buyer or anyone, using bad language or rude
  4. asking for a review
  5. giving out their email info or other contact info

There are no silly reasons that will lead to an account being banned.

Your “friends” must have broken ToS in some way.

I strongly suggest you read Fiverr’s ToS thoroughly instead of coming to the forum to ask others to make a list of “silly things” you need to try not to do.


There are many reasons and none of them are silly!

Find a list of reasons here: which also includes a link to the Terms of Service, which you should read very carefully.


yes ! those are common reasons as said above misscrystal
here more
6. you are providing commercial license but selling same product to different buyers
7. messing other seller or buyer and request them for work continuously but they are not interested to work with you.
8. If you try to advertise other market to seller or buyer, sending web link …etc


Dont contact buyers outside of fiverr this might be the reason users can get ban!

I am new here! But I think when you abide by fiver TOS, your account can’t ban.