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I am a buyer a new one but have spent quite a bit shopping. What is not cool is when you order likes to your fan page and it stays for one week and then they remove their likes. What else isn’t cool is when they do half of the order and not the rest. Otherwise it is good. But are all the likes have to be only from the young crowd?


You’re shopping with the wrong buyer.

I’ll explain what actually happens when you loose likes.

If the seller uses ‘Bots’, (Computer Generated Accounts) odd are you’ll loose every single like with time. Sometimes almost right away, sometimes a month down the road.

What happens is Facebook finds the Bot accounts and deletes it. Why wouldn’t they? It’s Facebook ladies and gents. Sooner or later no fake account is safe. They have programs and people that hunt them down.

Anyhow, when the accounts are deleted, everything the fake account has “Liked” becomes un-liked because there is no longer an account. Makes sense right?

You need to find someone who doesn’t use ‘Bots’. Here on Fiverr, and most of the web… that’s hard. But not impossible. Looks for sellers who supply small amounts of likes on their gig. You get a better chance of real ones.

  • Let’s be honest here… *

    If someone can offer 1000, 10,1000 or more likes in 1-3 days… well, you ‘know’ it can’t be real. How could it be? How long have you tried to build your page? When you say: “A long time” then how could someone promise 10,000 likes in 24 hours?

    Some people (Like me) have spent a very… very long time building a real network of people who get paid to like things. But to put things in perspective… it’s taken almost 2 years for me to get 100 stable members. The good? My likes don’t vanish and are safe. The bad? I can only supply 100.

    ( Yup. That was my plug for my gig. LOL )

    Also, don’t expect a conversion rate or a lot of interaction even when getting Real likes and not Bots. These gigs, even the good ones are for a boost in numbers and maybe a little Facebook SEO/Search. But I tell all my clients that my group doesn’t even read what they like. They move onto the next link as fast as they can so they can make more. Again, for the most part Likes gigs are ‘Cosmetic’ only. That’s great sometimes as long as the likes don’t vanish.

    Anyhow. Buying likes can work out well. Just know what you’re getting and if something sounds completely and utterly ridiculous. Like 100,000 likes in 12 hours… then it usually is.


Well thank you for your honesty I am naive about such matters. I figured that they had a lot of friends on their friends list. But it does make sense what you say I have tried a quick fix only for my money to add up and go nowhere with my business.


I bought bigbadbilly’s likes and they worked like a charm. Still have all of them and they even interact with me on occasion. They are also helpful when I boost a post for pay, it goes to their friend’s pages. Worth every penny. :smiley:


permenent 3000 likes