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Hello :slight_smile:
I’m illustrator on Fiver and I have a question.
Can I send (everytime when I’m delivering the order) a LINK to my facebook fanpage?
On that fanpage I’m showing my artworks ONLY from Fiverr orders.
Every artwork will have small size (not original) and will be added watermark / adress to my Fiverr page. Is that legal and acceptable?

Best regards,

Hi, I understand what you want to say. You can create a special album at sites like fb, flicker, Behance,etc for the portfolio. Ofcourse this will promote your gig. But you can’t send any personal contact info here like fb etc. Its against fiverr TOS.
In short, you can drag people’s attention from your fb to fiverr (by portfolio), but you can’t drag people from fiverr to fb. Hope this make sense.

Yes, yes. My only one point is drag people from fb to Fiverr. Nothing more, nothing less.
I want to increase sales (which should be a good favor for Fiverr, they have 20% after all).
I will have link to my Fiverr page on tht facebook fanpage (information panel).

Thank you for the quick answer. Very helpful : )

Its my pleasure :slight_smile:

A few weeks ago, I ordered a gig from a top seller and after the order was completed, he said thanks and invited me to visit his profile on social networks.
So if a top seller can do that, I think it’s possible.

I think you’re meant to use Flickr. I’m pretty sure that FB would count as external contact details. Don’t do it, or if you really must know, contact customer support instead of asking a bunch of people who aren’t really sure but have opinions.