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Fast and Clean English - French - Spanish translations


Hey !

I’m a French student who can translate your texts ( it can be anything, an article, a part of a novel, a slogan, anything you want ) :

  • English into French

  • French into English

  • Spanish into French

I translate texts everyday at school ( I study Foreign Languages ), my trips and studies now enable me to speak a fluent English, and my lessons taught me to quickly and carefully translate texts.

Prices :

  • 5$ for 400 words in 2 days

Extras :

  • 5$ more for a fast delivery ( 1 day )

  • 5$ for 500 more words

  • 10$ for 1 000 more words

  • Contact me for 1500+ word texts

The fast delivery extra sometimes won’t be necessary, I have a lot of free time so I’ll probably translate a 400 words text in less than a day. In that case I won’t count the additional 5$.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Eng <-> Fr gig

And here is the Spanish -> French gig

Feel free to ask my anything, and obviously, feel free to purchase my gigs :wink:

Cheers !