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Fast Response is affecting Response Rate

Hi all.

Just wondering if any of you are facing issue with response rate? my response rate is very fast, I responded in less than 1 hour but my response rate is stick at 83 or 84 … it’s not increasing I notice today if I response fast my response rate is decreasing instead of increasing? Due to this issue, i am demoted to level 1, my delivery time, order completion rate, reviews are amazing … the only issue is with response rate, Please respond if any of you are facing a similar issue.


I have had this issue for months, with no help at all from support. Over the past 10 days my rate went from 88, to 87 now today 86. I have had NO new messages in 10 days, and before this always answered immediately never once late. I get a boilerplate reply telling me to “wait and the lower rates will fall off.” That has not been the case and is actually getting worse even though there have been no messages to reply to. I don’t get it. What can be done???

If you made sure that not a single message slipped your attention, check all your message folders to see if you got a spam message that you didn’t respond to before the original.drop occurred.
It tells you that you don’t have to respond to messages marked as spam and that it won’t count against your rate, but that doesn’t seem to be 100% bug free, as people had it happen.