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Fast start...then nothing

I’m curious if there’s an algorithm or something that affects this. I had quite a few gigs the first week I started and have had nothing since. I’m just at a loss.

In my opinion, “the algorithm” could only have affected the exposure your gig(s) got by influencing the impressions/clicks.

And that could have had an indirect effect on your sales due to the lesser exposure your gigs got due to the reduced clicks (I think this holds true especially for new sellers who don’t have m/any returning buyers yet… and they rely heavily on gig exposure, targeted advertising, and BRs to get orders).

That’s fair, so what’s the solution if I may ask? I’ve had much more success outside of Fiverr with exposure etc is why I ask. I assumed (wrongly and we should never assume) that it would be sort of a self contained cycle of production.

Try and convert that outside exposure into Fiverr sales (if possible). Also, like I already pointed out in my previous message, BRs are a good place to look for jobs (especially for new sellers like you and me) and bid for them. True, there is intense competition there… But if you finish a BR order and get a 5-star review, it can do wonders to your gig exposure. It will give it a good boost.

Or, it could just be the “down” phase of the ups and downs that are characteristic of any business.

Hope you start getting orders soon. :pineapple: Stay strong!