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Faster payment clearance for spending within fiverr


For every gig successfully completed by a seller. He/she has to wait 14 days for withdrawal. I think Fiverr should made it faster to spend within Fiverr for other gigs. So basically when order is completed after 3 days. The revenue should be available to buy other gigs. And that 14 days clearance will be the same.(If it is reduce to 7 days it will be better)


i quite agree. the wait time is just too long.

i think they should reduce the wait time or maybe give preference to level 1,2 and top seller to clear money made in maybe 10,12 and 7 days respectively.

please fiverr admin consider this. and also they should add payooner as another withdrawal options, papal is noted to be too friendly with all.


i dont have payoneer as an option how do i get that please?