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Faster Payment Processing time


I know a lot of Sellers on here are Frustrated with the amount of waiting-time for receiving our money. I mean, waiting 14 days to receive only $4 is a big hassle, especially for the amount of work we have to do for that $4

Can’t Fiverr do something about this? Perhaps if Buyers leave Positive Feedback, then the Waiting time will drop from 14 to 7 days and if Buyers don’t leave positive feedback, then the waiting time will remain 14 days.

If a Buyer leaves Positive feedback, then its obvious they won’t want a Refund since they are satisfied with the work done and that’s why they left Positive Feedback.

Another Alternative is for Fiverr to create an additional option after you Deliver your order for when Buyers Leave Positive Feedback, the Buyer will have an option to tick a box for the Seller to Instantly receive the funds in their account.


Exactly the same issue I was thinking about. I usually use bank transfer option so, 3 days are wasted in bank transfer hence a total of 14+3=17 days waiting time to get money into your pocket. That’s a big big big issue. Fiverr should do something about it.


There are more serious problems and issues with this platform than the speed of the payment processing. If you are in desparate need of the funds, then you probably need to find another, quicker source of income to complement your Fiverr income until such a time as you have consistent enough orders that this becomes a non-issue.


This is LITERALLY how I felt reading the title of this post.


It’s true though. I’m still debating whether to share my CS experience earlier today with the forum… feedback removal policy has changed, and it ain’t pretty.


GIIIIRL you are reading my mind. Please post your topic!


Hmmmmmmm. See my comment on the Fiverr Is Getting Unfair post, that’s as much as I’m gonna say for now.

The screenshots are a doozy though.