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Fatal:: Do's and Don't's on Fiverr? That may lead to account suspension

I’m new to fiverr, I’m still catching up with rules, regulations and polices of Fiverr. I am trying to get hands on Fatal conditions/policies that may lead to account suspension or severe penalties.

What I know:
=> I cannot share any kind of personal contact info any where (like ph #, email id, skype contact etc in msgs, descriptions etc)
=> I must not accept any payment outsite fiverr.
=> Two persons cannot share same account.

=> I’m in co-working environment. Some of my colleagues are also using fiverr and we share came broadband connection in all office. Will that be a problem?

=> I am planning to use fiverr on My Windows Laptop (Firefox), My Windows Tablet (chrome) and on my Android Phone (Android Application). Can this somehow lead me to any trouble? {No, I’m not going to share my account with anyone else}

=> I read somewhere (outsite fiverr forum) that using your fiverr account on multiple ip’s can lead to suspension. Is that so? I’m using PTCL broadband connection with dynamic ip on which geo-location keeps on changing between Lahore and Faisalabad (cities of Pakistan) {I am in Faisalabad}.

=> I can i share link to my portfolio? {portfolio that does not contains any kind of contacting info}

Kindly do tell about what fatal conditions I missed above.


This one is not correct: “=> Two persons cannot share same account.”

There are Top Rated Sellers and others that work in teams. Though one person is the designated owner of the account, they can advertise themselves as a team, business, etc.

"using your fiverr account on multiple ip’s can lead to suspension. Is that so? "

I’ve seen people claim this too, but I’ve never seen proof that is really what got the person in trouble. I use Fiverr on 2 computers and 3 other devices for years. No trouble. Many sellers do the same. To be safest, you can notify Customer Support about your frequent location changes and ask them if it is OK. If they say yes, keep a screenshot.

The same goes for multiple users in one environment. Notify Fiverr ASAP and keep their response. Even family members can have accounts in the same house, with permission. There are some rules, like having separate payment account, not selling identical gigs, and not buying from each other. Customer Support gives permission on a case-by-case basis.


Otherwise, you’ve got it about right. Always remember, when in doubt, ask on the forum (opinions) AND CS (the ones who can make you or break you.) :slight_smile:


“using your fiverr account on multiple ip’s can lead to suspension. Is that so? ”

How is that possible. I have my computer and 2 smartphones using fiverr myself from all the devices. And ofcourse all 3 devices have a different IP. And i’m sure top rated sellers share their work with team. Its impossible to handle all their work otherwise. How they do it.

So i call this rule unfair.


@infenixx, as far as I know, there is no rule that says that. The OP asked about it because once in awhile someone claims it gets you in trouble. Anecdotal evidence include your experience, mine, and other moderators and rugular users has shown that most users with one account do have multiple devices and work in multiple locations. No one so far has shown a definite rule, screen-shout message or other written notice from Fiverr saying that you cannot use one account on many devices/IPs.

This is repeating my answer above in different words so now it’s here twice. Until staff says otherwise, that’s what we know.

People get confused because there is a rule again using 2 or more
accounts on the same IP unless Fiverr gives permission. Fiverr also cannot elaborate on the details if they suspect some fraudulent or general mis-use. They have a blanket response that tells users that there has been unusual activity on an account. That still doesn’t prove that accessing your account from home, work, phone and tablet are unusual. In fact, those are normal.

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Thanks for response…
I will contact CS now and will let them know about my account usage scenario. :slight_smile:

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My account has been restrict for days now without any notification. It seem this company has gotten to many users that they now treat people without any concern. And no means to communicate a live support. This is terrible.

When they suspend your account they send an email for your associated with fiverr email address. Please check it.

If I use broadband IP in my pc and account is loged in. On the other hand my device app is login by another IP.
In that case my account face any problems.