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Hey guy, this is FAVORITE BOX, which mean i will favorite all your gig and you do the same. Or you just like someone in this post and fav his/her gig and he/she will fav you back.

What you earn: your fav heart will increase and buyer will notice that your gig is pretty hot and place order, this is win-win situation m/

Lets started :smiley:

Sheriff’s Note: Requests for favorites on the forum (or favorite exchanges) are not supported or encouraged. Please do not post this type of exchange or request. The post will be moved to My Fiverr Gigs but in general this practice will not be supported.

I am agree to favorite your gig if you favorite my all gigs.

This has virtually no effect on your SEO efforts while serving as an ego-massaging exercise, and it’s made doubly worse by hindering the purpose of the favorite gigs by spamming your list with gigs you’ll never order in place of real favorites.

Why? No real buyer’s going to buy your gig just because it’s got a tiny heart with a big number by it. They’ll buy because you have a good description and reviews. And maybe a video. Not to mention having a favorable position in search results and categories. Try working on things that make a difference, it’s more effective in the long run.

Done, Now it’s your turn…

Open offer to all…
Click favorite box on my gigs and I would do same on your gigs.

I have an idea! I’ll screenshot this thread tomorrow, and in 6 months from now–or a year, that seems better–we’ll find out just how much impact this had on sales and how many fallen comrades there are!

I’ll say it now: this is an ego-stroking exercise that is kinda fun, but you’re wasting your time. go tweak your gigs and make some money instead. That’s why you’re here. Not for a Dollar Luv Club. Come on. I went to high school, too.

Reply to @wp_leader: done :slight_smile:

Reply to @dusuacangmon: Even I have done it on your gig :slight_smile:
Now its your turn :slight_smile:

Reply to @wp_leader: Its your turn as I have done it too :slight_smile:

Reply to @emmaki: Hello,

How can I get my gig visible in search result? or recommended section.

How to increase sales. I have not received a single message regarding my gig today :frowning:

So can you help me?

Reply to @az_designer12: done yours

Reply to @emmaki: i already have good content and graphic in all my gigs, this is make 9.5 into 10 and it legal, why don’t let it a shot :slight_smile:

I’ve fav all your gig too :).

Reply to @muhammadpunhal: Done
Now its your turn

Reply to @muhammadpunhal: done :slight_smile:

Reply to @az_designer12: Done… :slight_smile:

Reply to @wp_leader: Done… Please do the same

Reply to @az_designer12: just do your work and trust in someone with any actual power to sex your gig up.

It took me a year before I saw any real results on Fiverr, so just keep at it.

Reply to @dusuacangmon: in your opinion, and I don’t want to play this game :stuck_out_tongue: You can fave my gigs away, but I won’t do anything. You’re wasting your time, all of you…

Reply to @emmaki: Very untrue. All of it plays into the psychology of selling. With a sound profile, description, and gig then favorites are just another icing on the all too relevant cake. Now, you see, for people with already established gigs, the number of favorites is one of the qualifying factors for your gig to be recommended, featured and it’s spot on searches.