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“favorite” for “favorite”, is it working?

Does the number of “favorite” affect your sales?

Favoriting gigs has little effect in spite of rumors to the contrary. Favorites are really just a form of bookmarking. If a buyer notices that you have many “hearts” that might make the gig look a tiny bit better, but buyers usually don’t notice them and number of favorites means far less than reviews and high quality gig design. Threads suggesting exchange of favorites often end up long and full of spam, since links to gigs and profiles only belong in My Fiverr Gigs. Posts requesting favorites or favorite exchanges are therefore usually removed by sheriffs.

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Thank you!

Hi! Can anyone please let me know that what are the gig impressions? Because impressions are going down continuously and also the gig position on the fiverr main page is going down which badly effects the sales.


How do you think, does “favorite” affect “impressions” of the gig?

@fonthaunt how does one search for collection of other users? Thanks.

Thank you all!!

Thanks for your reply.

Reply to @iqbalsheikh: gig impression mean that the frequency your gig show up in your categlory to buyer, the more it, the more click happen.

Gig will up and down in a period of times ( i see that in my point of view ) , it mean fiverr suffer gig of everyone equal to make them get sale.

my gig infographic sometime go up in page 1 in recommned, new, page 2 in highrating, but few days it went to 2nd page, but back to page 1 after that. I think fiverr suffer it to make every one equality

Reply to @iqbalsheikh: Take a look here:

To summarize a portion:
“Impressions: These are impressions from Fiverr (last 30 days), which is the number of times your Gig appeared in the thumbnails (i.e. on home page, category/subcategory page, search, and user page).”

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Reply to @uapatriot: Here is Fiverr’s viewpoint on favorites and collections:

The pages from Fiverr don’t mention favorites on the stats page (linked in reply to @iqbalsheikh) or stats on the favorites page. If someone is already on your gig page their presence shows in your stats whether or not they bookmark/favorite a page.

There might be a slight effect for you if a site visitor goes looking for the collections of other users and they see your page has been collected so they go look at your page. The thing is, if your gig doesn’t win them over fast, it’s unlikely to convert to an actual sale. Still, you can read those support pages and draw your own conclusions.

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Reply to @dusuacangmon: Thanks for sharing your experience.
Can you please let me know that are you sales effect when your gig gown down on main page or on the second page.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Thank you!!!

Reply to @uapatriot: I think that it should effect but I`m not sure!!!

Reply to @julipalmer7: I don’t even know if you can anymore. A couple of years ago there were ways to view collections by putting in phrases like but even with that, you needed information on what the user named their collection(s.) Sometime in or prior to 2013 collections might have been more useful in terms of profile/gig statistics. Fiverr versions after that made the entire thing quite different, and the only thing I find collections good for now is to keep lists of gigs I personally might want to buy.

I don’t think there is a way to search for someone’s collections through Fiverr search, though, so the only other would be using some kind of specific Google search. I doubt it would be worth the effort but I can’t be sure.