Favorite for Favorite


Anyone interested in a Favorite for Favorite exchange of Fiverr Gigs? Just let me know :slight_smile:


Reply to @aeymi_designs: I don´t know, but I want to try


Reply to @fawhash: Thank you very much, I´ll do that :slight_smile:


Reply to @estefi_lens: You rating for 3 review is like 60% ,unless you get 10-15 consecutive 5 stars, current reviews would be considered quite bad and you wont be able to have many orders in future.So, if i were you, instead of wasting my time on resurrecting this account, i would start with a new account and apply the lessons learned with this account to new one.Anyways, its your choice.


Just favorite you Business Card Design Gig @estefi_lens

Wait for response :slight_smile:


Reply to @fawhash: why?


I have collected yours. Now collect mine


what does favouriting do ?


Reply to @incoe: I think it increases the chances of being on the main page


Reply to @mrmummy: Thanks! Done! :slight_smile:


IMO.You should delete this account and create a new one, otherwise these ratings are going to really affect your orders.As you are quite new, it wouldn’t hurt much if you did that now.


Will it really work?