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Favorite Gig Badge removed


Cannot see that purple badge anymore?


I still see your purple level 2 badge. It’s still featured on your profile. :slight_smile:


Sorry it should be called “Featured” my bad


Oh, the featured badge. I’ve heard other Facebook sellers mentioning that Fiverr appears to be removing those from users/gigs. I can’t confirm that for certain myself… but I have seen others making this observation. If true, perhaps Fiverr is phasing out the “featured” badge.

As I understand it, the featured badge wasn’t all that beneficial to begin with. It was just a pretty “this is a cool gig” badge that Fiverr chose to bestow on select users/gigs.


From My End :slight_smile:


You are going good btw here are some stats:
Joined 2012
It’s been 5 years for you on fiverr and you have 753 Reviews means

2000 Days / 753 Reviews == 2 Orders per day at average which seems slow to me still on featured gig you must be getting like 5 orders per day , but yeah still you are going good btw that featured tag is still there :slight_smile:


Please look at his gig price first. Now multiply by 2. 200$. make sense?


ohh yes! You are right!


Thanks and I need to log out in order to see the badge on my profile page. @saifalipro - I only actively started to work during 2014 and also I have more than 200 orders that do not give me reviews when it completed.:slight_smile:


Then you are going perfect bro :slight_smile: