Favorite Movie of 2012


What was your favorite movie you saw this year (2012)?


Ok so I am a bit of a movie buff but the best film of this year for me has got to be

Batman - The Dark Knight Rises. It was EPIC !


I had to go back and do a search but I only saw two movies this year (in my defense I had eye surgery and couldn’t see anything at all for about 3 months)

So I saw Lincoln and Les Misérables, Lincoln had to be my favorite of the two ( and no it was not the vampire one as a co-worker recently asked me)

In 2013 I am going to make a point to go see more movies


Reply to @ozzieuk: I rented it yesterday. It was entertaining. Bahn’s voice was…ummmm…weird.


The count of Monte Cristo 2002,awesome story + movie :wink:

sarahwilson said: Monte Cristo 2002

Didn't that come out in 2002?


I waited all year for both The Hobbit (I reread it at least once a year) and Les Miserables. I’m happy to say I was disappointed in neither, however I am seriously considering boycotting movie theaters. I’m tired of other people ruining the movie by talking :frowning:


Reply to @aurorar: I hear ya, we saw Le Mis yesterday and someones cell phone started to ring…


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Kid_with_a_Bike While it was released in 2011 I didn’t see it until 2012. By far the best film for me of the year.


Reply to @musiclover: Yeah I saw it in iMAX here in the UK. Tom Hardy who plays Bane is an awesome fit for the role. Shame that the Chris Nolan trilogy for Batman is now over tho :frowning: Or is it?!




Reply to @hotwebideas: Good Choice !


Twilight Breaking Dawn 2


The Expandables 2 and Jab tak ha Jaan (Indian)


Reply to @ozzieuk: Maybe for Batman, but the way it ended, they may focus on Robin now.


Reply to @retweet_twitt3r: I still haven’t seen it, but I still want to. I love Twilight. :slight_smile:


Okay it’s official. Most of you all watch crap movies :wink: LOL



Found and watched this one this year (was released late 2011), funniest film I have seen in a very long time.

The Intouchables


Give it a try and I guarantee you will be p***ing yourself with laughter.

All the best,



Reply to @anarchofighter: :-p


I liked The Perks of Being a Wallflower. :slight_smile: