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Favorite Videos on Youtube



I don’t understand what is the purpose?
Should we post our favorite video?:thinking:
If yes, I have plenty of favorite videos :sweat_smile:


Right…post your favorite youtube video…if more than one that’s ok


I agree with you. Its not a social media platform. We should discuss about fiverr only.


There are tons of posts on “what are you listening to now” “what are you reading now”, “what are you watching now” and so on. This is the conversation page.


The purpose is to have fun! But I do not watch videos, so I have none to contribute!


Be very careful with the videos you choose to post.

I just wanted to let people know that a new rule was implemented/heavily enforced back in March. If the video is suggestive, adult related, offensive etc. then it could land people in hot water. So, I urge all to take sometime to read this topic.


Oh, I remembered one! :baby:t3:


One of my fave. :grin: :hugs:


I like the original by the Bee Gees. :heart:


There’s too many I like, but here’s one:


For me, this one!


Awesome video, great as always